Nowadays, author argues that skills are moreNowadays, author argues that skills are more

Nowadays, education system needs students to
remember information in order to pass the tests. However, in the modern world,
understanding, creativity and skills are more important than just remembering
information for tests. The article states that education systems nowadays are
designed to make students remember information. It also states that knowledge
is limited and skills are more important than knowledge. Based on this point,
we partially agree with the author’s points of view regarding the issue.

Firstly, the article states that education is
designed to make students remember information. We disagree with the statement
because if we remember information just to pass a test, almost everything that
we memorize will just disappear once we have passed the test. In our opinion,
true learning is about connecting previous knowledge to the current knowledge
like drawing a line that connect two points together.

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Secondly, the author states that knowledge is
limited and it depends on how person understand it. We agree with it as
knowledge can be generated through our experience that we gain in our life. The
author also states that tests are illogical because they are used to label a
student as an intelligent person or not. We totally agree with that because
knowledge is not about memorizing information from teachers and books. Moreover,
if we just have knowledge from memorizing, it will be useless to create
beneficial things in the best way.

Lastly, the author argues that skills are more
important than knowledge in the real world. We totally agree with it. The
benefit of having the skills is that, it will increase the individual’s
employability opportunities. For example, the development of skills can help
students especially fresh graduates to find new ways of thinking and solving
problems in their daily life. Besides, based on the author’s statement, it is more
impressive if a student has the skills to find, organize and analyze
information. We agree with the statement because by having information management
skills, a student will be able to make their own decision and understand the
reasons behind the decision making when he enters the job sector.    

In conclusion, education is not about remembering information
to take tests, but it is about developing skills and applying that skill in
their daily life. Remembering to take tests, no longer matches the reality of
the modern world that needs people to think creatively and have a deep understanding.
Therefore, education system must focus on helping students to gain information
management and innovation skills.