Nowadays look for in the Internet. ForNowadays look for in the Internet. For

Internet is developed very fast. From Internet you can find everything what you
search. But from day to day bad sides of Internet are doubled. So from that we
have question if it is right to prohibit Internet for children under the age of

So, firstly, how
is Internet useful? Why should we allow children under the age of 16 to use
Internet? Of course, at first, they can economize their time. They can find information which
they search on schedule. There are more information about thing which they look
for in the Internet. For example, young people can develop quickly and so on.

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And then, I
think, if it is about bad sides of Internet, it will be more than good sides.
Because there are a lot of negative sides in the Internet. Some of them: false
information, affects to health, especially to eyes, dependence to the Internet
and so on. So if it is about health of  young  people, I can give example about their organisms.
They are growing. And radiation of new technique injures to their organism. As soon as
their organisms are quite sensitive. It brings to disease of cancer. And one of
the reason to prohibit for children under the age of 16 to use the Internet is
eyesight. Many current young people have bad eyesight. They wear glasses of
eyesight. But why? Because they use the Internet over and over again. And the
main cause is information. What does it mean? It means that there are a lot of
information that brings to suicide, terrorist case and to be taken in by
someone and so on. In age of adolescence they can perceive everything easily as it is
rough. So there are a lot of  suicides in
our world and terrorist case is a global problem.

So in the
conclusion, I think that it is right to prohibit Internet for children under
the age of 16. Because parents of young people cannot control their children
which of sites their children use as they are at work as young people are left
without viewing and then parents cannot be together with their children every
time. And in fact, if person looks for from books what he needs then this information is more quickly
remembered. In my opinion, it will be good if government guide this matter.