Nursing, be crossed. Being empathetic naturally possessesNursing, be crossed. Being empathetic naturally possesses

 Nursing, is a multidimensional profession.  A nurse is a caregiver, teacher, planner, researcher, and the list could go on.  The idea of such a multifaceted profession has always been my calling since I was an adolescent.  In this amazing life and all of its twist and turns, my time to be a registered nurse is now.  I understand there are reasons why my path to becoming a nurse was delayed. There was a need for me to gain wisdom in the process.  To have a personal philosophy on nursing is vital to a successful, continued career.  There are two ideals that will significantly play into my role as a nurse: empathy and research.            Empathy, the ability to understand and relate to a person’s situation or feelings.  This concept is the most valuable and crucial to my nursing career.  I have had a very diverse life and have experienced more than some will ever in their life time.  That alone makes me naturally more empathetic to patients. In my experiences in life, people do not want to be felt sorry for but rather have someone who can relate and understand their position.  However, there is a fine line between understanding, and telling a patient you know how they feel, which should never be crossed.  Being empathetic naturally possesses a nurse to give the best possible care; even if the need to seek out help is warranted.            Research, continuous innovation to improve patient care.  I have always been drawn to research and the need to improve procedures or equipment.  I will continually research ways to evolve nursing in a direction where they are able to be more efficient and autonomous.  There is an essential need for this because patient care is the focal point for a nurse.  When a patient asks “Why,” it should never be answered with “because that is the way we have always done it.”  In this day in age, that is no longer sufficient.  The question of why should always be answered with sound logic, reasoning, and research to make the patient more informed on their care.  Wanting to do research on improving patient care is a necessity which allows change across the globe.  The reward comes in the form of knowing future patients are getting better than ever care and making an impact on nursing as a whole.            Having empathy and research will always be my foundation to being a successful and efficient nurse.  Not everyone can be empathetic or wants to do research but they are valuable to the nursing profession.  I am excited about what my future nursing career holds and finally able to pursue it now.  My life and everything I have experienced in it has me more than prepared in my new career. I look forward to my nursing career and everything that it holds, which I imagine will be one incredible ride.