Ø for new Business: When you startØ for new Business: When you start

Ø  Meaning of Face-to-Face Communication:

A meeting is organized by people at same venue and in the same room. Participants come at a predetermined venue (office or restaurant) for meeting and discuss different topics.

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Ø  Pros of Face-to-Face Communication:


1.      Effective Communication through body language:

Body language plays a vital role in communication and it speaks louder than spoken words. People can express themselves much better through Face-to-Face meeting. They can get clear idea about your message that you are trying to convey, through your facial expression, postures and gestures. This is much better way to communicate than just words over the phone or virtually through email. Moreover, likeliness of misunderstanding is reduced in Face-to-Face meeting.

2.      Involvement Assurance:

In Face-to-Face meeting, you can ensure that everyone actively participates in a discussion. While in virtual meeting, you cannot be sure about involvement of other participants because you are not physically present against in front of them. So, you don’t know about what they are exactly doing. In Face-to-Face meeting, you can get instant feedback from people and can see if the other person is genuinely interested in a meeting or not.

3.      Appropriate for new Business:

When you start a new business, it’s a necessary to build a strong relationship with your partners, vendors, customers and stakeholders etc. Face-to-Face meeting is an appropriate way to build a trust and transparency. So, it is advisable to arrange Face-to-Face meeting with them instead of a phone call or an email.


Ø  Cons of Face-to-Face Communication:


1.      Traditional but outdated:

It is traditional, but an outdated way to arrange a meeting. Due to recent technological advancement, communication has gotten very easier than before. One can call, email or do a video conference call to communicate. It’s necessary to involve in this competitive era to ensure that your business survives all different turmoil.

2.       Time consuming:

In Face-to-Face meeting, all attendees have to be physically present in meeting. All attendees need to be at same place at same time. As a result, travelling would consume lots of material time of participants.

3.      It’s not cost-effective:

Cost associated with virtual meeting is minimal as compared to Face-to-Face. A person needs to be physically present in Face-to-Face meeting. If the venue of a meeting is in another country or states, then cost of transportation such as flight tickets and hotel accommodation expense would add up. So, it is not a cost-effective to organize this kind of meeting.

4.      Not effective in large size:

Face-to-Face meeting requires a venue with ample space. If a meeting has large amount of people, then it can easily distract people due to disturbance from few other participants. So, to stay more focused on topic, it is not an effective method to conduct a meeting.


Ø  What kind of meeting would be recommended for use???

According to our research, it depends on size of participants, situation (urgency of meeting), purpose and location. But, combination of both would be more effective.

1.      When some participants are not able to join meeting due to geographical distance. In such case, combination of both could be used to connect all attendees. Therefore, no one would miss a valuable meeting and everyone can participate in discussing the topics.

2.      Due to an emergency, some participants may not able to attain the meeting. In such situation, a participant can listen to a recorded meeting and can get idea about all the topics that were discussed.

3.      Training will be provided from Nikoleta & Associates. For setting up this kind of meeting, NKA can take assistance of IT support to develop a new application that connects all participants, who are able to come to meeting and who cannot physically join the meeting.


5 Reasons Why Meeting Face-to-Face Is Best