On and critically reduces manually entering data.On and critically reduces manually entering data.

On another hand, Obeikan Bookstore an example as medium company has failure
experience with implementing ERP. While Obeikan
Bookstore have chosen not to implement ERP software for many reasons, but
Obeikan Publishing does (obeikanpublishing, 2011). Reasons why Obeikan
Store might not invest in ERP. It costs wealth, timewasting, and staff will not
change if it fails. Even many of its employees have experience using ERP
system. Even ERP system is composed to grow annually, reduced costs, increased
functionality, and enhanced performance. Despite these benefits, however, the Obeikan
Bookstore has not existed to expectations. The disappointing approval lower
than expected costs, less than reliability and quality of service.


benefits of implementing ERP in Jarir Bookstore, not only, costs can be transparent
controlled within Jarir
organization with ERP system (Jarir Bookstore, 2017). That enables to check the productivity of
36 branches and
provide decision making data. Therefore, cost center accounting analyzes the overhead
costs according to where they were earned within
the organization. But also, ERP system eliminates repetitive procedures and critically reduces manually entering data. Jarir
Bookstore ERP processes more efficient to collect data, no matter
what departments are working on. In
addition, ERP on integrated
information extent communication responsibilities with each department. the departments must all effect
of functions while still congregate the needs of the entire Jarir Bookstore
organization. Integration keeps that communication through increased access to
information with linked modules. Therefore, no more concerns with data
spread across isolated databases and all information will be stored in one location.

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Resource Planning (ERP) is software system to manage the domestic and external
resources of an organization. These contain the assets, and financial
resources. SAP, ORACLE, and Microsoft Dynamics are software that operate successful
ERP system. Jarir Bookstore, as small to middle and medium companies, has the
numerous advantages with implementing ERP system. That means Jarir Bookstore can
track costs in detail, efficiency automate all business operation
cross-departmentally, and integrated all customer information and financial data then housed in
one location.