On soldier’s family. The FRG has becomeOn soldier’s family. The FRG has become

On Oct. 30, 2017, BS1 the 55th Signal Company (Combat Camera)BS2 ‘s Family Readiness Group hosted its annual
Fall-O-Ween Festival at Fort George Meade, in Maryland.


event is to bring soldiers and their family and friends together,” said Spc.
Nicole Brooks, soldier,
BS3 and co-coordinator of the FRG group. “It helps
build morale and also gives everyone the opportunity to get to know each other
while having fun.”

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and friends at the festival experience BS4 various activities including BS5 a haunted house, photo booth session,
trunk-or-treat, chili cook-off, pumpkin carving, and costume contest.


daughter enjoyed Fall-O-Ween because she got to dress up in her Mal BS6 costume,” said Spc. Brooks. “It saves me the
time from having to go door-to-door trick-or-treating in the neighborhood.”


unit’s FRG is maintain
by soldiers
BS7 and their spouse who volunteers their time to organize and raise money
for the festival.


week, the FRG will meet up to plan and find ways to help fund this event so the whole unit
can have a great time,” said Spc. Kevin Ramos, a soldier from the unit. “My
daughter, Annalisa looks forward to these upcoming events because she gets to
play with other kids from my unit.”


is a command-sponsored organization that fosters communication and support to
soldiers and their families during deployment and emergencies.


“The party is meant to bring unit cohesion with
all personnel and their families while everyone can unwind and take this time
to enjoy the moment,” said Spc. Kevin. BS8 


organization sends care packages to soldiers deployed downrange while keeping
in touch with the deployed soldier’s family. The FRG has become an integral
resource for both soldiers and family members to use when they are facing
difficulties in being separated.


hope that the FRG will be utilized by soldiers and family members,” said Spc.

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