One It is proven that exercise triggersOne It is proven that exercise triggers

One thing in life never stops that is time is continues always, has no bondage or restriction he is the most freedom thing in the world no one can control it. Except got if you believe.With a lot more happiness, sorrows and all feelings the year 2017 is going to pass within seconds and again New Year will come i.e. 2018. May your new year is joyful and one of the best year in your life.From THE HIDDEN SECRETS we all will you very happy New Year and something we thing can be done in this year from beginning and on timely basis we have a list for you this might be different for different person.So it just our point of view so don’t give us negative comment. Hope you will follow some of them if you like.1.Exercise:I don’t know how many of you might be thinking to plan this but in my view exercise is great for your well-being. It builds your physique while also boosting your morale. It is proven that exercise triggers the release of endorphins in the brain, causing you to be happier.Third party image referenceThe main problem with making exercise a resolution is people set too high of expectations and they give up when they don’t achieve them.It’s true that not all of us can be Arnold Schwarzenegger. Set a realistic goal with a step-by-step plan on how to achieve it. Then only you can see better results from within.2. Stick to a proper Diet:In our view choosing a healthy diet plan is a noble New Year’s resolution. The benefits are numerous: weight loss, immunity, overall health and many more.Third party image referenceAs we have already in one of our article told about the benefits of water and avoidance of junk food. Will request if possible throw out the junk food because it does nothing good for you? Neither should you fill yourself up with saturated fats, sodium, and added sugars which are invitations to new disease and stress.3. Boost Your Education:As it is said that “a person should have his thinking like a student or he should be always courageous to learn something and keep improvising your strengths. And should never stop learning.Third party image referenceLife is a never ending learning process. You learn something every day. Supplement your education with relevant books and other sources whatever you can have or afford and if you do afford more than you can help others to learn and give them learning material if you have any extra.Help the poor to learn and let this world a beautiful place for everyone as we all are here to enjoy a happy life and in my view it is possible if you spend your life in giving others happiness. And the blessing which we got in return is the greatest and richest gift I think anyone will ever get.In this day and age, all information you’d need can be found on the internet.4. Up Your Wealth:In this world the ratio of wealth or distribution of wealth is highly dominating the one who has more gets more and one has nothing get nothing. So wealth is the money you keep, not spend.There is a common misconception about wealth. Wealth is not how much money you make. I don’t care if you make Rs.10000 or Rs. 100000. If you waste your hard earned money on extravagance you don’t need you are not wealthy.Third party image referenceWarren buffet, one of the wealthiest men on earth, lives a modest and frugal life. He eats at McDonald’s every day and still lives in the Rs. 2 crore houses he bought in 1958. Perhaps a healthy diet would be good for his New Year’s list.Look at money as workers. Put them to work and they’ll make you wealthy. Invest in the stock market or buy real estate properties. Don’t waste them in buying new Rolex.5. Stop procrastination:Nothing limits you more than saying tomorrow.Many of us do have the habit and we heard the voice inside telling us “later”. Don’t listen! Plug your ears, tune out the noise, and just do it. I can list all the reasons to stop procrastination, but only you can choose convince yourself to change your mind-set.Third party image referenceIt’s not anyone else it you and you’re only hurting yourself with this bad habit. We mostly have this habit of telling later but believe me dear if you start controlling your inner voice you will be on the top of success.6. Find a New Passion:It’s never too late to start something new.Whether you pick up a new hobby or volunteer more in your community, set out to start something new. Nothing beats the freshness and excitement you get when starting a new task.Third party image referenceNobody likes to go through the motions and repeat the same cycle every year. Shake up your routine by adding a new passion. Learn to play the drums, become a master chef, write a book, spend more time in nature…the list is endless.7. Dare to do the things that make you happy.You’re New Year’s goal should be to improve yourself. Aim to be the best version of yourself and set goals to help you accomplish it. Try to fix some schedule and try to achieve an achievable target.Third party image referenceAnd focus on weaknesses and try improving them all slowly you will be perfect in you. All the best for your future. And Happy new year 2018 to all beloved readers and your families.