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One of the most debated topics of all time is abortion. All around the world, abortion is viewed differently. Some countries , such as the United States allow mothers to determine whether or not they want to proceed with this procedure. However, in other countries such as the Dominican Republic do not allow abortion procedures, even if the procedure was to save her life. There are multiple ways of going about the abortion procedure, which include the surgical removal which was more common. But, now we have a new way of self- termination called medical abortions. Continuous abortions result in , increased risk of miscarriages . In the August 2014 edition of New York Times , Emily Bazelon expresses in the article, ” The Dawn of the Post- Clinic abortion” that women all around the world should have the right to have safe way of termination of their pregnancy. By using exposed statistics and emotional personal stories , Bazelon successfully achieves her purpose of informing the readers of the right to allow women to have the personal right over their bodies in a sense of terminating pregnancies , not the government.Statistics, such as the effectiveness of medical abortions, prove that medical abortions are a improved and safe way for the women who would like to self- abort. Medical abortions are successful due to the indigestion of two pills called Misoprostol and Mifepristone(Bazelon 6) , which when taken together are 95%-98% effective (Bazelon 9).  Misoprostol is used during labor and delivery  to avoid postpartum hemorrhaging. World Health Organization , put these two pills on its Essential Medical List .This took effect in 2008 when it was estimated that about 21.6 million unsafe abortions took place this year world wide, which resulted in 47,000 deaths. This choice of style allows the reader to understand how important it is for a safe abortion process. Bazelon uses facts to help the readers understand the big picture of abortions for both health and safety reasons. Personal stories, such as the story about the 22-year-old from Brazil , who wrote to Women on Web. She reached out to Women on Web in desperate need of the pills to induce a miscarriage. The woman told Women on Web that she had been taking care of her four siblings and lacked the funds to support another child (Bazelon 4). This is an important point , because some women don’t have the funds to provide for the themselves , let alone someone else .  The 22- year- old also shared that her mother passed away through injuries from a surgical abortion, and the man who initially got her pregnant is no longer there for support(Bazelon 6). Emily uses the personal story to share that all women are not capable of providing for a child financially.Abortion has always been a highly debatable topic . Bazelon uses two strategies , one to inform the reader about other countries , and the other to provide information of what goes on in other countries who completely are anti-abortion . In relation to both , the facts provided and the story , this allows real life decisions on whether or not abortion should be an option of the mother and not the government.