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One of the brilliant style of work by Christopher C. Doyle is portrayed in his debut novel, “The Mahabharata Secret” that engulfs magical realism, suspense, fantasy, and a lot of different elements that has given it an edge over many mystery classics. The way he has used the language to structure and convey his purpose to manipulate the readers to make them realize the fictitious environment as the real one. As his eminent writing style comes into the limelight, the research question is framed as “How does Christopher Doyle portray his intellect through his novel to manipulate and persuade us to believe in myths of ancient history?” His novels are generally based on different myths and secrets and where he adds in a fictitious plot to reveal the secret, hence the title of the book is a sort of hook to the readers which attracts them to explore further. The novel is a blend of suspense and surprise which keeps the reader’s attention to the book. His style of writing is in such a way that people have actually been manipulated sometimes to go on a quest to find such secrets. His way of writing engulfs us to his virtual world which seems to be reality to the readers. As of his such strong manipulating power through the use of language has raised a lot of curiosity amongst the readers and what technique he uses. Despite of such realism into fiction, he claims to have researched on the events in the history which further got verified from archaeologists, historians, and other intellects to support his work. His structure of work can be put into an algorithm or structure in a way where he gathers sources and research and turns it into a story with series of events that make the overall scene look real. It can also be stated that the research carried out or the sources put into the work give life to the novel because of its existence in real life. Doyle has a unique style of writing which actually shows how much he understands language and its true power which can be used to persuade, manipulate, and inspire people. The way he writes, the different jargons he uses, and the tone and mood he creates, all frames his structure of the novel which is full of suspense and surprise. The reason being that many people have fallen in his trap of his language and many founded themselves on a trail for quest to secrets which shows how much his writing manipulates us. It is there is therefore his core technique to get the readers’ attention. Power of language is what helps one to serve a purpose and a medium to communicate and persuade people. Thus, Christopher C. Doyle through his eminent language skills has been successful in persuading people and create a make-believe world which seems real due to some existence of the facts he uses such as, his novel includes real-life maps of ancient India with the location of The Great Asoka’s edicts.

The debut novel, “The Mahabharata Secret” the title itself has a certain hook onto it that leave the readers a doubt and curiosity in their mind and make them search for further content which reveals of the secret. But, the artsy of Doyle keep the readers hooked on throughout the novel and reveals the secret at last, which gives a worth reading mood to the readers. The beginning of the novel is structured in such a way where Doyle sets in events that took place in history with a blend of suspense in order to create an existing scenario and to make the novel a bit more immersive and that is supported through certain lines such as “Asoka the Great discovers an ancient and terrible secret – a secret buried deep in the Mahabharata; a secret that could destroy the world; a secret hidden away for over 2300 years…”.  Doyle mostly starts his novels by writing real historical events to support the realism in the story ahead such as the Asoka discovering a deadly secret and Taliban destroying the Bamiyan Buddhas (a Buddhist temple) in order to create a firm background to support the realism in the story. Eventually the preface ends up to the present day situation to begin the story ahead. As a master in his skill, Doyle also uses certain skills and tactics to bring out the magical realism in it. He does not only do it in the end but throughout the novel. Doyle gives an extra notch of suspense in the beginning to keep the readers hooked to the book. Some instances are when a scientist is murdered and before that he sends four cryptic mails to his nephew. The uniqueness is the scene intensifies when the scientist is escaping his death and all at once, he is murdered, but the audience cling to the suspicious part of the scene, the ciphered mail that he sent it to his nephew and asked him to find this truth. Doyle’s clever choice of words and the structuring of the plot takes it to a different level, he intends to begin the story with an insight of historical events that existed in the real world and heightens the drama by creating suspense in the beginning of the story, giving an insight to the audience that later in the story, there is a lot to know about and how the secret would be revealed. This keeps the audience hooked on to the story. The story gradually progresses and different characters are introduced. Using language as his master tool, he also puts phrases or conversations like secret telephonic conversations and the four cryptic mails which are recalled throughout the story that foreshadows events.

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