Open-source software is Linux. Since its establishmentOpen-source software is Linux. Since its establishment

Open-source software describes a computer program where computer programmers are allowed to modify the original code. This allows the programmers to fix errors in the code that may otherwise prove detrimental to the user’s experience with the software. Open-source software reflects the growing sentiment among modern consumers and programmers alike that information is shared with the public and that user interaction can be employed for the greater good.Some programs have different licenses that allow programmers access to different pieces of the software (for example, in a GIS application, one programmer may have the license to modify structural layers like roads or pipelines while another programmer may only be able to modify details like lampposts or traffic lights). Limiting the licensing on open-source projects protects the security of the application and ensures that skilled programmers are allowed to make fundamental changes to the software.Open-source software can be an important learning tool for new programmers seeking experience with their new coding knowledge. As such, there are many free open-source projects available for programmers to contribute to.One example of an organization that employs open-source software is Linux. Since its establishment in 2007, the operating system Linux has hosted several projects that allow programmers to contribute to them. Linux’s various software distributions are free for users to download, and each user is able to a) simply use the operating system in its own right; b) customize their distribution for their own personal use; or c) contribute to the Linux distributions by joining Linux’s FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) community and following certain steps to make changes to the software.Linux’s employment of open source software has allowed for its distributions to become safe and secure. This has led to Linux’s applications in supercomputers and even household appliances. Open source software opens a new door that leads to success for the programmer and the company sponsoring them.