Operational management strategies to improve efficiency inOperational management strategies to improve efficiency in

Operational Excellence (OPEX)
emphasizes on process improvement (continued improvement) oriented to the
consumer by reducing waste so it can add value. Process value flow (value
stream) to this consumer should be visualized in order to be known by all
parties involved in the organization. So, if there is a problem then they can complete
it independently in accordance with the area it works. The Quick wins become
one of the benefits of OPEX implementation in the short term and intermediate
in addition to its long-term goals set.

There are 7 steps to OPEX. First,
create a process master. Record as many processes as possible within the
organization. Because everything is connected to anything else in the value
chain from concept to the customer. Then the tool that we use to achieve it is
the process master, which is the table that lists each process in a certain
operational value chain. Second, prioritize processes. Develop a process
priority matrix that ranks the appropriate process. There are five steps
involved in creating the matrix. State fillings, regulatory tracking, producer
licensing, new product dev, and regulatory reporting. Third, assemble a process
improvement team. It is important to include representatives from every part of
the organization that may influence or be influenced by the modified process.
Create a team consisting of executive sponsors, process suppliers, process
owners, process participants, and consumer processes. Fourth, create process
models. We can use value stream map, workflow diagram, and system matrix. Fifth,
perform root cause analysis. Seven tools like fishbone diagram, check sheet, and
pareto can be use. Sixth, address top causes. With pareto principal. Use 80/20
that is 80% for effect and 20% for causes. Seventh, re measure. After finished
with the completed one, then another project is selected. Do it until there is
a significant change in the organization.

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Lean manufacturing is a way of
thinking, philosophy, methods and management strategies to improve efficiency
in manufacturing or production lines. There are over production, over
transportation, waiting time, inventory, motion, process, and defects. The tools
are kaizen, production that is pull and error prevention.