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In this statement I will be focusing on the rewards of pursuing my masters in
economics at your prestigious institution.

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I have chosen to further my studying in the
economics field since I consider it to be a perfect fit for my career goals,
where I will be provided with the tools to succeed. Having earned a bachelors
degree in finance and aiming to build on my knowledge with a master’s degree in
economics will provide my with a plethora of opportunities to make my mark in
the real world.


Queen’s rigorous economics program provides
its current and future student with high expectations of knowledge as it
provides the necessary skills to only be an economist but to become a good one.

By the completion of this program I aim to form a solid understanding of the
economic theories and policies that structure today’s society. In addition, my
intention is to gain the necessary skills that allow me to combine both my
knowledge in finance and economics to analyze the markets through out the business
cycles and the long-term effects that shape an economy’s growth. Moreover, I
hope to learn how to better use the economic models and to have the most
accurate analysis of the field I choose to go into; which will be financial


Through out my future journey at Queen’s I
wish to pursue a certain research interest, which is Machine Learning in Quantitative
Financial Analysis. This topic that has appealed to me in my final year as a
Finance undergraduate and as person who’s living throughout a turning point in
history, in which technology is merging into every aspect of our lives. Coming
from a third world country like Jordan provided me with an extra push to start
my journey in mastering this sector, since such technologies have not been part
of any industry within the country’s economy yet. Therefore, being a part of my
country’s and the world’s growth provided be with the incentive to dive in this
enriched field. Going through such journey will also give me the chance to work
with several experienced professors, such as Professor Frank Milne, who
mastered fields that align with my research interests in which economics and
finance are combined.


Several of my previous classes and
internships gave me a solid base of knowledge and experience to confidently
dive into this rigorous program. Although, one certain experience pushed me
towards pursing a master’s degree in economics. I have had the opportunity to
be an Economic Research and Analysis at the Central Bank of Jordan, which
happens to be my home country, was one the most knowledge enriched experiences
I have had, where I had the opportunity to experience how a country’s economy
is monitored and ran.   

After building the basis to succeed within this field in your
respected institution, and gaining experience and skills such as formulating
economic models and learning economic theory; I aim to join the the real
working world and pursue a career in economic analysis. Ultimately my goal is
to pursue my PhD in Financial Engineering, where I can become part of the
solution by designing and introducing newer technologies in this field to the