Our of these management styles into waysOur of these management styles into ways

            Our book,
Organizational Behavior, states four management style functions; Planning,
Organizing, Leading, and Controlling. I have broken down each of these
management styles into ways I believe my personal thinking styles will affect
it. While affiliative is my primary thinking style, I would like to focus on
achievement, though secondary, as I believe this has the biggest impact on
management styles. Since I am not a manager in my current role, I have taken
the role of “self-management” rather than “managing”.

            Planning can take a lot
of effort and focus, but it is one of the things I do best. When I plan
something for my organization, I make it a point to have high standards as the
outcome of the planning is a reflection of myself. Although I can plan
perfectly, there is always some insecurity that things won’t go as planned and
that in result, causes me to undermine what could be.

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            When organization comes
into play, whether it is school work or tasks in my job, my priorities may not
be ideal but I make it work. If I’m given 2 tasks by 2 different
professors/bosses, I determine what needs to be completed first and do that.
Although it might not be done in the most effective way, it gets completed in
the most efficient way.  

            While there aren’t many
opportunities to lead in my current job, I try to find ways to do so anyway. When a new project lines up, I volunteer as
much as possible. “Employees with a high level of job involvement strongly
identify with and really care about the kind of work they do” (Robbins
& Judge, 70). Sometimes the project may not be realistic for me to
take on, but it causes me to learn and grow.

            “You may resist
attempts to control what you do and how you do it” (“LSI survey results”, 2018).
Often times, I have been told to take control of situations in my personal life
as well as professional life. My issue with that is if I’m able to control a
situation, it means I am in charge of ensuring that it goes the right direction
and with that comes faith others may have in you to succeed, which in return
causes stress on me.