Over of children/teens charge their phone orOver of children/teens charge their phone or

Over the past number of years there has
been an increase in the number of house fires due to people charging their
phones on flammable surfaces such as on their bed or under their pillows. The
Newton NH Fire Department say that 53% of children/teens charge their phone or
tablet on their bed or under their pillows, unaware that this can be extremely
dangerous for them and their families. When charging your phone your charger
and the phone can become very hot and this can result in your bed linen
catching fire.  Our product aims to try
and prevent this from happening! 

 Another safety aspect of our product is that
is gives individuals especially children a break from their phones and reduces
the chances of them being exposed to large amounts radiation. According to the
Indian Journal of Human Genetics, “40% of cells taken from mobile phone users
show DNA damage,” Placing your phone on our product aims to curtail the damage
of radiation from mobile phones. It also states that “children have the
potential to be at greater risk than adults for developing brain cancer from
cell phones. Their nervous systems are still developing and, therefore, more
vulnerable to factors that may cause cancer.

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Online shopping has become a lot more
popular than it was ten years ago. It is more convenient for people who cannot
shop around the town for example they may not have time due to work commitments
or they may have a disability such as mobility problems, this way they can have
their goods delivered to their door without them having to go outside their
home. Another advantage on trading online would be that products tend to be
much cheaper due to fact that increased competition between retailers brings
down the prices. Trading online can allow your product to reach a wider target
market as it is available to anyone around the world. 

Technology over the years has changed to
allow people to communicate more quickly and efficiently with their friends,
family etc; A lot more people have access to a mobile phones, children as young
as 6 now have their own mobile phone and this can cause severe damage to their
health and well-being. Smart phones tend to be the most common form of keeping
in touch with everyone because you also have access to your social media
accounts. Although smartphones tend to be one of the most likely phones to
catch fire if they are not charged correctly, for example not on a flammable
surfaces, our product would again prevent this from happening. An article from
The Metro highlights how dangerous again this can be. A young girl aged 15 had
left her phone on her bed charging, the phone overheated, and the entire room became
engulfed in flames. 

The public may be drawn to our product in
particular because we have decided to take an eco-friendly approach to it. We
have decided to use recyclable plastic as our material which in return will
give us a good corporate image and attract more consumers to our product. It
also has a positive impact on the environment.