Overview is issue number 352, featuring coverOverview is issue number 352, featuring cover



Elle is a world renowned lifestyle magazine that was
originally founded in 1945.  The specific
issue that is being analyzed is published by Hearst magazines, which publishes
20 U.S. titles including The Oprah
Magazine, Good Housekeeping, and Cosmopolitan (Hearst Magazines, 2018). It
is issue number 352, featuring cover model Rihanna, and published in December
of 2014. Elle is one of the leading lifestyle magazine’s for women, and is
currently being published in 60 countries. 
It was created for stylish and established women, interested in keeping
up with trends and issues involving style, beauty, art, and culture.  The overall tone of the magazine is very
sleek, simple, and sophisticated. 
Majority of the magazine is made up of full page, high end, fashion and
beauty advertisements, that catch the eye of the viewer.  This theme is created using lots of bold
fonts, including the highly recognizable serif typeface for the cover, simple
yet sophisticated black and white layouts for the articles, and beautiful photographic

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Just from a brief
look at the magazine, it is clear that the target audience is likely women, in
North America, ranging in age from 25-45. 
This is apparent when looking at the initial cover content, types of
advertisements, and the inside content. 
The cover contains primarily information regarding women, including
taglines such as “12 products every woman needs to know about” and full size
photo of singer Rhianna, appealing to likely a younger to middle aged
audience.  Majority of the advertisements
are high end fashion images featuring only women or women’s products.  The articles themselves are all tailored
towards women’s work and women’s needs, including titles such as “Quick Change Artists:
The Gallery Girl” and “Spender’s Game: Amanda FittzSimons goes in search of
Holy Grail beauty products”.  All of this
content is tailored primarily to a North American beauty and living standard, and
an age of impressionable yet established women. 
Upon further research, this initial impression proves true, as their median
age demographic is 39.6, and millennials (ages 18-34) make up 42% of the audience,
giving it the youngest fashion audience out of all fashion magazines.  Approximately half of women within the
industrialized world are aware of Elle and 20% have read an issue within the
last six months.  (Elle, 2018) The editor
in chief of Elle, Roberta Myers describes her readers as “…young enough to
think about life as an adventure and old enough to have the means to live it” (Kennedy,
Stoehrer & Calderin, 2013, p.244).




This issue of Elle contains approximately 316 pages,
with 130 being content pages and 186 being advertisements.  It’s a lifestyle magazine, so the topics
range from fashion, beauty, culture, life, love, and horoscopes (Elle, 2018). Some
of the main topics covered in this particular issue includes a ten page spread on
artist Rhianna titled “The Big Reveal”, “Women in Art” featuring 12 women makers
and sellers in the explorers club, and “World’s Best Spas” featuring spas from
Morocco, London, Thailand and more. 

The magazine is
rather ad heavy, and features a variety of higher end products.  The products being advertised are again
tailored towards the target audience, including perfumes such as Chanel No. 5,
Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance, and Dolce & Gabbana The One, and makeup and
beauty products such as Lancome L’Absolu Rouge lipstick and Clinique Sonic System
cleansing brush.  It also features jewelry
companies such as Coach and Fendi watches, and fashion products such as Louis
Vuitton purses and Valentino Garavani sneakers.




There are 96
staff members listed below the Masthead, however only 54 work for Elle U.S.
specifically, and the remaining 42 work for Hearst Magazines
International.  There are 5 senior roles
listed, including Senior Vice President, Publisher, and Chief Revenue Officer,
all completed by the same individual (Kevin C. O’Malley), Associate Publisher,
Brand Development/Integrated Marketing, Finance Director, and Advertising
Director.  The specific roles after that
can be grouped into larger sections.  The
first section is Advertising which includes roles like Executive Director of
Luxury Products and Beauty Director.  The
second section is Brand Development and Integrated Marketing, which requires
Creative Service Directors and Coordinators for Creative Series,. The next
section is Advertising Operations, which only includes Advertising Services
Director and Associate Ad Services Manager. 
The next grouping of roles is Circulation, which includes roles like
Director of Consumer Marketing and Vice President of Retail Sales.  The next section is completely dedicated to
the Elle Digital Group, and contains
roles such as Executive Director of Digital Advertising and Digital Marketing Coordinator.  The final section is the simply the Directors
and Assistants for the different branch offices located in the West Coast,
Northwest, Midwest, Detroit, Southwest, and Southeast. 

To give a more
in-depth look at the positions and responsibilities at Elle, the position of marketing manager can be analyzed.  The marketing manager’s main goals are to develop
marketing solutions that are innovative and powerful, while still being able to
drive sales for the magazine (eQuest). 
The job would be best suited for someone who is creatively and detail
oriented, focused on goal achievement, information seeking and the magazines
development.  Their main role would be to
focus on marketing, communication, and visual merchandising and sales for the
magazine.  They also must be constantly
brainstorming and evolving ways to develop Elle
in all it’s forms, in order to not only be constantly improving their own
skills, but also keeping Elle as the
leading women’s lifestyle magazine (Chow, 2017).




The magazine is
printed using a high glossy, heavy weight paper for the cover, and a low gloss,
smooth paper for the inside. For this particular issue, as it is a large amount
of pages, it has a minimum weight of 50# bond paper, or a maximum weight of 60#
bond paper, in order to keep the total weight down. It is printed using a 4
colour process, and spot colours where appropriate.  It is printed using web offset, and perfect
bound (Elle, 2015).


 Media Kit


As of 2018, a
single insertion full page ad in four colour is $185,740 for a general rate,
and $148,610 for a retail rate, using a rate base of 1,100,000. If you were
interested in having an advertisement for the second, third or fourth cover,
the prices range from $232,220 to $241,470 for a general rate (Elle, 2018).