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Youth violence. It’s everywhere! You can’t escape it. Wherever you look there is a wrongdoing happening individuals younger than 18 are in ‘adolescent detainment’ since they decide on silly choices. Youth brutality can destroy your life on the off chance that you join any gang, submit kill, victimize a bank, and so on. Minors are settling on the wrong choices by partaking in this. When you do anything brutal related it would be to a great difficult to get out.

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To begin with, I would like to say a few words about an incident that happened on November 27, 2017. This is a incident that ill never forget, nor will his community. A dear friend of mine, Carl Fowler was shot and killed while outside playing outside. Carl was the team captain of Kirby Middle School basketball team. That is how violence has affected my life.

There are plentiful measures of reasons on how we can prevent youth viciousness from happening. Guardians need to talk with their children about youth savagery.  young people in posses once in a while converse with their folks. In the event that they did, we most likely wouldn’t have such a significant number of adolescents in posses. What’s more, the condition that adolescents live in additionally brings about their activities. For instance, on the off chance that you live in an area where there are firearm shots discharged each week, at that point that individual may be affected, and perpetrate wrongdoings now or later on throughout everyday life.

This is a reason why we have guidance counselors. If they require someone to talk with there’s always someone there and hopefully it will prevent them from committing a crime . The media plays a huge role withal, teens who watch crime shows on television and play shooting video games .The parents aren’t monitoring what they are doing with electronic contrivances. Hopefully, they would realize it and hopefully reconsider what they do before they do it. 

Furthermore, I can prevent youth violence by talking to my friends and preventing them from doing dumb things. Thinking twice, and talking to kids younger than me to influence them to do nice things.

To wrap this up, youth violence is a action that need to be stopped . It can be prevented, and my dream is that one day it will all disappear. Until then, Youth Violence must be helped to stop.