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Research Background and Purpose

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21century with globalization and  
In the 21st century, globalization and the age of the Internet and the sns have led to many changes in the way people build their own selves. And the formation of the self and the change of the arrival of new desires and deficits. We are living in a world where our identity can be known so easily and conversely our identity can be formed into a new persona. We enter into a new concept of entertainment based on the change of self – formation. Throughout the history, people are seeking happiness, so the entertainment industry, which can enhance the quality of life, is regarded as an important industry with great growth potential around the world. One of the biggest entertainment in the world is the movie. The movie industry, which has a lot of money and easy access to it, has been a huge hit and has grown tremendously, but now it is declining a lot. It is necessary to analyze the entertainment industry and its direction that satisfy the audience who is accustomed to visual stimulation through the blockbuster movie or the continuous entertainment through the media that can be accessed anywhere by opening the eyes. This paper attempts to analyze examples of immersive theatre that are growing in fashion all over the world and how it can be improved in visual design. If the film and book are a form of accepting a new self with a relatively passive attitude and participated in the pleasure as an observer of storytelling, the immersive theatre will actively participate in storytelling and present a new point of view do. As a visual designer, I thought that it is necessary to study how to distinguish the audience from the audience limited to 2-dimensional design so that the audience can be given more pleasure.

Having to grow from 4 different countries 8 different cities I had one little weird habit. I used 8 different names in 8 different places, with 8 slightly different characters. Since I was little I was very curious about our identity, what makes us ‘us’, who am I? People say ” I am me, be yourself” however I never really believed that they don’t even know what they are talking about. So I made an experiment through my life, which had stopped a few years ago, I never really thought of it seriously though. I just thought I was having fun myself, I was not an ordinary girl. Having to move another city to another country over the sea and into another continent several times is a big thing for a little girl. Her whole life changes, language, culture, people and even the weather and atmosphere changes entirely. Days when we had no Facebook, no Instagram, I was never able to contact with friends I have left behind, and I found myself becoming a different person due to a different environment and different people I hang out with. It was when little girl stopped crying and started an 

The reason I wanted to know more about this was that it was the goal of my life to be a designer who made people happy. Since I was a child, my dreams have changed many times, but I had dreams of film directors, drama directors, writers and musical directors. I turned around and dreamed, but in the end, everyone had the same thing as a job of telling one story visually. I thought it was so beautiful to deliver a topic or idea that I thought was worthwhile through visual storytelling. I wanted to be a person who not only delivers it but also to let a good lesson communicate and awaken in such a way that I enjoy the joy and enjoy my eyes in such a way that I can enjoy a moment of freedom during that time. I wanted to be a person who gives a glimmer of beauty to their time, which I have left for a while in a difficult world. After all, I just wanted to be a person who made people happy, but the approach was a little different. And I wanted to learn how to visually communicate design & interaction through graphic design education and aimed to realize my dream through it.

‘Entertainment’ is a way to entertain the mood with content and devices that make people feel emotions of all ages, and to create a feeling that they want to enjoy it as a basic human need that is essential to human life. It has the meaning of device industry. Even though people get excited about different things and have a different preference, most form comes in storytelling, drama, dance, music. So I wanted to study what I want to do because I think it is closely related to entertainment, from books and imagination to people who make people feel good, to movie directors who make people feel good through visual images.

Throughout the history, we are living in one of the world’s richest times. There are still lots of people strive for hunger and it is huge problem in the world, but unlike the days of the past, the majority of humanity is not struggling with hunger every day. We live in a happy world where obesity is mentioned more and more problematic than hunger in our daily lives. And that leads us to feel strongly the need for the highest self-fulfilment needs. This claim is based on ‘Maslow’s hierarchy of needs’. According to Abraham Maslow in his paper “Theory of Human Motivation” he suggest human desire creates a kind of motive theory that forms a series of stages for each importance. When one desire is satisfied, another desire appears at the next stage of the above order, and the system is formed by demanding the satisfaction. The desire first required is stronger than the desire to achieve in the next stage, and only when the desire is satisfied is transferred to the desire of the next stage. In order from the lowest level of physiological desire to safety desire, desire of affection and belonging, a desire of respect, and desire of self-actualization which is the last stage are formed.

Before starting the research, we will analyze the relationship with the entertainment through the changed ego through analyzing the self of the preceding 21st century, and to understand the trend, trend and contents of related research. The keywords related to the previous research are classified into the relationship between the self of the 21st century and its change, and the historical change of entertainment.
In this way, I interviewed, researched and analyzed about 50 people who are living in the 21st century and the existing thesis about the self of the 21st century. As a result, I could find various elements of the way of distinguishing oneself. If the former self-had tended to build itself into a certain category, then various approaches to differentiating from others began to emerge from the stereotype of the self.

Due to the advancement of technology, human development has become indispensable, giving new perspectives to people through the Internet’s “sea of ??information”. It is relatively new concept compared to the history of mankind, present a new phase in the self-formation of people. Humans are now living in a world where they can easily get their personal information through social networks. My daily lives, which have been updated in personal accounts over the last few years, may be known to people I do not know at all. A stranger may know what I did last night. Even a person who has not spoken to me can easily notice what I thought a few days ago by simply pressing the follow button on my social account. There could be a person out there who knows my deficiencies better than me, just by watching my daily life, and reading my thoughts on sons for years. On the contrary, there could be a person who I know from sns, and watch their daily life and loves them, but they don’t even know I exist. Actually this might sound perfectly normal these days, since we do not know almost everyone from TV, but watch them talk and laugh every single day, unless you work in Broadcast stations. Most of the fandom is created with thousands of people who loves one or more celebrities, however this was not a common thing unless you are the king of the country. 

After all, entertainment is just a concept. In that sense, Hollywood is simply an industry that facilitates the work of storytelling made up of 2-dimensional moving images and 3-dimensional moving images. But now we are seeing a new concept of a new era that stimulates consumer and audience desires and enhances the satisfaction of experience. The new concept industry, which has not been named yet, understands that the 21st-century society develops at a rapid pace and the identity of the consumer is manifested in various forms and has entertainment and interrelationships. Furthermore, to reflect the complexity of the audiences who are accustomed to stimulation and not to stay in sight and hearing, the senses are soaked as if they make the whole body wet with 5 senses. The new concept of entertainment soon intervenes in all senses and gives a solid and powerful experience. It is meant not to only enjoy eyes and ears but to touch all senses.
We also know the concept of entertainment that we can enjoy by actively moving our characters through the movement of our fingers. We know it very well,
 It is a concept like computer games and video games that people enjoy playing in the virtual world by moving their fingers to and fro from their left and right. But it also has limitations on visual and auditory. I want to introduce different levels of entertainment. The new concept we are talking about here is to build up the expansion of sensation and to transcend existing forms. Not only to fulfil its subdivided senses but also to make every person in the space a part of the experience.

Historically, as we study the evolution of entertainment, it is all focused on how much the audience’s senses can mobilize and bring pleasure. Until then, storytelling, which had only been passed through the mouth, faced a new phase with the invention of the book. The actual beginning of entertainment is actually shaped by the invention of the book. As the audience read through the book, they used their imagination to create an endless world of joy. However, audiences had to passively accept the story of the artist, and there were visual limitations. As time passes, through the book
 I began to try to overcome the visual limitation through the book as the concept of illustration came up and the form of visual design was made to make the book more beautiful. However, there was a lot of trouble to draw the world inside the book by imagination. Through these times, the audience started to ask for more comfortable and convenient way of enjoying the story, and it was solved through the movie invented in the 1860s.
At the outset, visualization of the imagination that started with the illustration of the book was reborn as a moving picture, a moving image, with a completely different identity. In the end, through the invention and development of mankind, the storytelling which was limited to the book through the medium of an image is expanded to a new concept of the film.

Through the movement of the fingers, I was able to actively make the movement and the story of the character subjective. However, it may seem as if the tactile sense through the finger is added to the visual and auditory sense, but it is difficult to say that video game is an entertainment where the sense of tactile sense exists because it does not actually feel the tactile sensation in the screen. With the advancement of technology, more and more wise audiences are not satisfied with moving their fingers in the game. Despite being an actively moving character, the character in the game image does not feel the same as me. And through efforts to overcome the limitations, new entertainment has been created using new interfaces such as wii and Kinect. As you move around with your body, the character on the screen moves to create an interface that you can experience more closely. Although the audience has become more active, they are still caught on the screen and can be visually restricted.

Thus, the concept of virtual reality began to emerge through attempts to escape from the more restrictive screen. Virtual reality, which is still a new concept and introduces a lot, has moved away from the 2-dimension screen, allowing the audience to adjust the angle of his head and get a little deeper. The screen limit was increased by 360 degrees. However, these concepts evolve to the extent that they can not escape the fact that the highest level of joy and inspiration is ‘reality’. In fact, there is no such thing as immersing us as real worlds that try to give us a deep commitment to making a new device that pops something out of the screen or extends our vision. As an extreme example, we tend to feel more nervous and tense when we are about to fell over a small stone, than seeing the movie’s main character fall over the grand canyon.
 Another example is that when the main character of the James Bond series fights against a team of hundreds of enemy it will be big fun, however, it will not raise my adrenaline as much as when I get a bite of the last piece of pizza which I won from battle with my older sister. That is because it’s reality we are facing. 

Who am I and what do I want, why do I live, is a very basic question but it’s very easy to be lost on the way to the answer. I think answering this question was much easier way back when I know nothing about anything other than myself. Many people asked themselves silly questions in young age, such as “If I had not been my Mother’s daughter, but the little girl of the lady next door, will I still be myself?” This simple question that is very hard to answer give us the recognition of the “identity”, to be more specific “role of identity”. More than just questioning ‘what am I?’ we go deeper and ask ourselves ‘what makes me, me?’, what is our identity? And what is your identity? And What is identity and who defines identity? And the question goes on and on forever. My work starts from asking myself but as it goes on and on the audience became the people around me, and my curiosity grows to the world. I started to ask “Who are you, people?”,”why are you, you?”, and “why are you yourself as it is right now?”

If I don’t express myself but it’s still inside of me, does it still be me? Identity and individuality it the different thing? Am I expressing myself correctly? Am I really what I think I am? What is stopping me? These days there is such a thing as ‘Personal Branding’ and if I brand myself does that mean I’m becoming someone else or am I still myself? From those questions I start to think about Personal Branding and how this society make us feel like we have to be someone else to become the right person to fit in. I start to wonder what happen to the people, and why don’t they protest and try to be themselves instead of becoming the same ‘right’ person and following the guideline that was given.

We were the Millennial generation, who were born from 1980 to 2000. We were the generation who encountered internet in their teenage age, when people can accept and learn very quickly. Unlike any other generation we don’t really feel hard about computer or using internet. Through the internet we were able to use information from all over the world, and we were able to get inspired by the whole world. The best part is our playground got bigger and we were able to get better education and better chance of exploring as a designer like I am doing at the moment. Despite all these good thing why are we struggling with our selves to know who we are? According to professor Jean Twenge from University of San Diego United States,  Millennial generation have much more narcissism than any other generation before us. In the US magazine ‘Times’ had their cover story “Me Me Me Generation” in May 2013. They said that generation comes from the baby boomer, they were loved by their parents to have a high rate of self-esteem, parents told them “you are special, and you can be whatever you want to be if you dream.”

Unlike any other generation before. However high narcism doesn’t always lead us to the happiness or satisfaction of ourselves. Narcism is In psychological perspective too much of narcissism need to be alert. Most of the time if the narcism comes from a person with weak identity, and low self-esteem. One thing that human is different from the animal is that we have self-consciousness. Having  self-consciousness means that we cognise that we are independent entity. We distinguish ourselves from another. We do that while we are communicating with others. As an individual who have self-consciousness, we can look at our selves as it is. Looking at mirror and seeing ourselves is also another expression of self-consciousness. No animals get curious in their looks, they never even try to make mirror, they just react to the environment change around them. Imagine before someone invent mirror, everyone would know how I look but myself. As the mirror came along people started to recognise themselves, and not just understanding others through my own eyes, people started to understand myself through others eyes as well. People started to understand themselves not just subject, but as an object as well. Unlike animal people doesn’t just adapt the environment, they change the environment around them, and through looking glass people saw how they look and they started to have will to change their own look in aesthetically pleasing way.This aesthetic desire come from two different point of view, the desire as a subject ‘what do I want to become?’, also from the object point of view ‘ How do I wanted to be seen?’.

For biological, neurological reason we have little bit of difference on the view of how other people see me, and how I see myself on the mirror. It’s same thing with you feel like your voice seems very different when you record and listen. It indicates even though you hear your voice everyday while your talking, and you feel like how your voice sounds, when you talk to others, actually you don’t. when you record your voice and listen it feels a bit weird. That is because we cognise ourselves differently when we cognise as an object, and when we cognise as a subject. Individualism that we have these days came from those idea. As history go on idea of ‘Individual’ came along. Unlike what we think, the thought of individual wasn’t always there. I think people have actually created, or more like invented the idea of ‘individual’.  But the point is does individual actually exist? As a part of the society we could be individual, but unlike that, as an one it says on many different books trying to higher our self-esteem, are we really special expressive individuals? In this world I think two idea is most likely to rule people’s mind, this two idea conquered how people think, the Individualism, and capitalism. And it’s very funny how they collapse each others idea. If you ever watched any movie based on future, with grey tone and the ones with robots, and people acting as they were told? People these days try to be just like what the internet or books says to be successful. It even feel like we have become a product of ourselves, preparing for our services to be purchased trying to make ourselves worth more so we could make more money. Well, that is actually what personal branding is for, the one I was mentioning in the beginning. German philosopher,  sociologist, and composer, Theodor Ludwig Wiesengrund Adorno(1903-1969) once mentioned on his book Dialectic of Enlightenment which was written in early 20century, all the individual attitude, such as gentle, or stubborn attitude, it might have difference in its own way but everything was created by massive production, like those front door lock that been created by massive production but still have little bit of difference on its way. Uniqueness of oneself might sound very natural, however it’s just exclusive product created by society and chosen by individual. The uniqueness of people can be reduced by moustache, French accent, a deep voice of a lascivious woman. The individual that holds society together have it’s own wicked scar named society. 

I was so stuck on the idea of identity and started asking people. I made 3 questionnaires asking, 1. What is your identity? 2. What do you think ‘identity’ is, explain it in your own words. 3. Give 3 words that represent your identity.

The answers were very interesting, there were many different perspectives on identity itself. Some of them answered ‘there is no such a thing as identity.’ ‘it’s something that is created by the outer circumstance of our life’. ‘identity is personality’ ‘identity is social categories that is socially constructed’. ‘one’s Identity is a priority of one’s life, and he or she accomplish throughout their life.’ ‘identity is personality’ and ‘identity is something that artist should have.’ ‘describing something undesirable.’ ‘Identity is indescribable with words because I have part of myself that I don’t know and it’s impossible for someone to know one perfectly.’ ‘identity the is the chromosome because everything other thing was constructed by the society, the real identity that we were born with was our chromosome, everything else just lies with names.’ And the best answer that gave me an idea of identity was ‘ identity is something that divides myself from other people, but at the same time identity is the mutual aspect of a group that you are included in.

There were quite many people saying identity shouldn’t be describable. And there were people saying identity is my personality, individuality. But in a big category, the answers were divided into two, identity as a role in society, identity of types of people. For the identity of the type what I mean I see it refers to the labels that get to the person who shares or are thought to share some characteristic or characters, in much different value such as place of birth, gender, behavior, appearance, values, knowledge, attitude, beliefs, opinion and so on.

Another type of identity is the ‘role’ of identity, it refers to the label applied to people who are expected or obligated to perform some set of actions behaviours, routines or function in particular situation. For example the father, toy collector, president, businessman, professor, student, and so on.