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The ability to create intelligent engines has intrigued humans since ancient times, and specially in recent years with the advent of the computer and several years of intensive investigations in many scientific domains. But how might we create superintelligence? 
To start with and in my humble opinion, Once artificial intelligence reaches human level, then we can make the prediction that it will not be long before superintelligence is technologically feasible. Bostrom claimed that “True superintelligence might plausibly first be attained via the AI path”. Talking about AI, I think there will be a positive feedback loop that will give the development a further boost, in other word, AIs would help constructing better AIs, which in turn would help building better AIs, and evolve strategies to secure its dominance, just as in the biological world. 
Coming back to the biological inspiration, we do have an actual example of generally intelligent system “the human brain” and one obvious idea is to proceed by a full 
understanding of the working principles of this system. According to the author “The clear feasibility of biological enhancement should increase our confidence that machine intelligence is ultimately achievable”. In this context, some researchers reported that it learns through reinforcement learning, it also has a hierarchical structure to deal with perceptions and so forth. Even though research in this field is now progressing rapidly, there still are basic principles that we need to discover. It’s a very long way off. 
Similarly, research in whole brain emulation and Brain-computer interface is heavily funded and has already met dozens of successes. Arguably, such approaches might hasten the arrival of S.I machine explosion. Nowadays, there is much more enthusiasm and investment going into AI and related technologies than at any other time in the past. Particularly, huge companies like Google, Facebook and Amazon are spending hundreds of millions of dollars to step up investments in AI research either by buying promising start-ups in the field or hiring well-known talent. 
To elaborate, success in creating SI machine might be the most important transition of the next century and probably the biggest event in human history. 
There are certainly several paths of development that should get there, however we still don’t know which of them will get there first. As author, himself at one place in book claimed that “The fact that there are many paths that lead to superintelligence should increase our 
confidence that we will eventually get there. If one path turns out to be blocked, we 
can still progress.” Therefore, predicting how long it will take to develop such intelligent machines remains difficult, but I’m convinced that many of us will have a chance to see that day come. 

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