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The tremulous time period during the civil rights demonstration has transpired for many decades by this time and was even referred to as the Second Reconstruction, unfortunately. Due to the legal systems injustices against African Americans, the laws contained several inadequacies sadly enough. The law at this time refused to right its wrongs and create transparency for all citizens. Many lawmakers continued to use illegal tactics toward  African Americans residents for just simply being a person of color. This caused many failed attempts in modifying the law in order to have equal rights for all citizens in the United States of America no matter their race, gender, income, religious, or social status. In relating to the constant oppression and discrimination that many African Americans still dealt with during the reconstruction period. Many White American imposed fear and hopelessness for numerous people in the African American communities from teachers to prominent African American figures in society. The South during the Civil War was nevertheless full of uncertainty and struggle for the majority African Americans in regard to being bestowed full citizenship and equality rights. Throughout this time, the fourteenth amendment (1868) awarded equal assurance of the laws and alongside the freedoms of the fifteenth amendment (1870), which granted the freedom to vote for all African American males and many more Non-African American citizens regardless of their nationality. As the troops came down from the North and controlled the South from 1865 to 1877 to reinforce the destruction of servitude of any African American that may not have known his or her human rights as an American citizen. This continued to be a battle but a silver lining was on the horizon for many African Americans, Democrats, Legislators, Abolitionists, and person working with the legal system.

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