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The regularly shifting country has been arduous at times, but it has uncovered me to various contrasting cultures and societies, where I have been able to reach what I hope to be an open-minded way of seeing things. In my efforts to similarly expand and enhance this perspective, I’m hoping to have the honour of attending Alma Mater in the UK.

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I have gained fluency in three languages, making connections with eccentric human beings from various international locations, getting to know about lifestyle and subculture. At the age of 13, I moved from my original country Italy to the United Kingdom, where I have observed the alliance of multiculturalism, opening my eyes and developing my curiosity towards social subjects. Therefore, from my initial interest, I read “The Leopard” a novel by Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa that highlights the changes in Sicilian life and society during the Risorgimento. Throughout my international experience, I enriched my cultural knowledge by studying the French language and literature where I have grown an intense passion towards the illuminist concept of tolerance formulated by Voltaire as well as the hypothesis of Naturalism expressed by Émile Zola in “The Assomoir” and the idea of Symbolism represented by Charles Baudelaire in “Correspondences”. Additionally, I took part in multiple French exchange programmes with my secondary school in Paris and Montpelier. During my experience in Great Britain, I realised that the UK is the best place to attend university as meritocracy prevails.

Academically, I am currently frequenting the last year of upper secondary school in Italy, where I am magnifying interest in both quantitative methods and humanities. I am scrutinising different aspects of law, from the Italian Albertine Statute to the contemporary European law system, throughout several case studies concerning the Mussolini era, the founding fathers of the European Union and the Berlusconi epoch. Most of the legal and historical topics that I encountered are blended with the idiosyncratic human and economic geographical factors that my original country is still encountering. Additionally, various viewpoints of mathematics and economics have provided me the right tools to comprehend the European social policy panorama. 

My passion towards cultural, social and anthropological cases extends beyond a scholastic aspect, in fact, I typically audit Politics, Philosophy and Sociology lectures at my city council such as “The psychological effects of the Battle of Caporetto” held by Professor Mario Isnenghi and “Social Welfare Systems and Social Policy” held by Marco Albertini.
Furthermore, I recently participated in a photographic project entitled “Intervallo” where throughout a series of images I enhanced the expanding gravity of “The Hikikomori Effect” involving reclusive youths suppressed from social life. 

I have constantly had extracurricular activities to ponder with school. I have played the piano for numerous years and have been a member of the Amnesty International enrichment group, moreover, team sports allowed me to relax and develop social skills. Presently, I am an official football referee recognised by the Italian Football Association (FIGC) as well as FIFA and UEFA. I personally find that refereeing allows you to develop serenity, patience, and confidence. These are all unavoidable qualities in order to succeed outstandingly in both academical and extracurricular projects. 

Doubtful of what the prospect may bring in such an unstable economic environment, I am propitious to study pertinent matters in today’s society. I believe that my knowledge and all of my experiences equip me with a firm foundation which I will convey at your university. I believe that your institution and the course that I am applying to will encourage me to aim “sic itur ad astra”. 

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