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Malloy Magic Hauled Into Troubles

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In the book, our main character Philip struggles as he goes through a group of conflicts. Those conflicts include both external and internal conflicts. As anyone can see, the main external conflict is the relationship between Philip and Ms. Narwin. When Philip gets an unacceptable mark for English (which disallowed him to join the track team, his only hope), and gets Ms. Narwin for homeroom, he desperately tries to get transferred out of her classes, by getting her and him both into trouble. However, it turned out not to be as simple conflict as Philip and the school staff thought it to be. Later on, after the whole situation seems to be over, Philip returns to school, when the students and the staff accuse him of getting an innocent person into trouble. Not only were there external conflicts, but Philip also had some internal conflicts. Throughout the whole story, after he realized/understood how big the situation got, he seems to be unconfident all time. Whenever someone asks him about his opinion or thought, he not once was confident about his reply. This is probably because he himself did not know that not telling the whole truth would become a huge conflict, but at least if he did intend to get himself and Ms. Narwin into trouble, he should be confident about what he did. He did it, and he couldn’t take it back now. 

I should concede that I have done similar things to Philip. I have not told the whole truth to numerous people, especially to my parents. Those times, I thought I was very clever, that I’m not lying, but also finding a way of getting out of troubles. Thank God that I did not get involved into those huge countrywide issues, as what happened to Philip. There was not much of a struggle to get out of the conflict, since I never actually did got caught for not telling the whole truth. I feel lucky about that. In internal conflicts, I was unconfident about myself, and how my feelings would affect others. Slightly different from Philip, but still, the same in that he and I both struggled with low confidence. Whenever I had low confidence, I often did things that I felt I was good at, talented at, what I liked to do, and forced myself to speak in front of people (answer questions, being a risk-taker). After my numerous attempts to raise my confidence, I now are not anymore of a unconfident person.