Pablo and meant everything to him. PicassoPablo and meant everything to him. Picasso

Pablo Ruiz Picasso was born in Malaga,
Spain on October 25, 1881 to a middle class family. His father, Jose Ruiz
Blasco, was a professor at the Escuela
Provincial de Bellas Artes, and worked as a fine artist. Picasso got his
name from his mother Maria Picasso y Lopez, because it was the Spanish way,
and he got his name Ruiz from his father, Jose. Pablo also had two little
sisters, Lola and Conchita Picasso, Lola later died. Picasso showed a great
talent for art when he was very young age, some say he was drawing before he
even learned to speak. After his sister died they then moved to Barcelona,
France. Jose Ruiz gave up work as an artist whenever his son was thirteen
because he had felt he was already more skilled than he was. While in France
Pablo went through many different styles of art and periods such as the rose
period, blue period, African influenced style, cubism, realism and surrealism.

first painting was Le picador at the age of nine. His first word ever spoken
was “Piz” in English it is pronounced “pencil”. When he was born he was so tiny
that the doctor thought that he was stillborn and his uncle saved him. Picasso’s
full name has a total of twenty-three word in it, and was named after many
different saints. Even though he was a great artist, in school he was a
terrible student and got in trouble often.

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             Pablo Picasso also painted many of his
paintings during World War II and didn’t advertise his paintings in Germany
because he felt they would not accept his way of paintings at this time.
Picasso also had a total of two wives and four children with three different
women. One woman he met was a Russian ballet dancer, he later drew a painting
of her and their child, “Mother and Child”. In the painting that he drew of her
he made her large and they were the only thing in the picture symbolizing that
they were his world and meant everything to him.

             Picasso had many different paintings and all
of them are priced very highly but the highest priced piece is the Garson A La
Pipe, which sold for one hundred and four million dollars in 2004.