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Paperwork that would be needed to be filled out after an accident or incident- The paperwork that needs to be filled in for the accident or incident follows an order in how to lay it out.  In the report, there should be accident details, and injury details, if needed as an incident do not include injuries, along with details about if there were any witnesses and information about these people as well. It should also have evidence of what happened during the accident or incident, as well as how it happened/ how it was caused. Finally, the report should also have what was done to when dealing with the accident/ incident, and how the company will be dealing with it to ensure that it never happens again.

Accident/ Incident and Injury Details- For this part of the report, it should include where and when the accident or incident happened as this can show when it happened to the higher authority in the company, and the health and safety executive if the report is to be handed into them. The injury details would only be needed to be in the report if what the report on was an accident because mainly no injuries come from an incident, but if an injury came from the incident, then it should be reported to prevent that from happening again.

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Witness evidence and information about the accident or incident- When an accident or incident happens, there are usually witnesses in the workplace. What the witnesses saw is important and is needed in the reported as it could show something that cameras in the place of the accident/incident, which would help in the future when dealing with the problems that caused the problem. In the report, there should also be information of the witnesses as so then they can be contacted quickly to also ask about what happened at that time.

How the accident or incident happened and what caused it- This part is very important for the report as it shows how the accident or incident happened, which then results in the company knowing what caused it, and how to fix the problem. This could also help as if there are similar cases where this has happened before with the same cause, such as a faulty machine, as it shows that what they are doing to solve the problem is not working and something else should be done to find out how to fix it.

What was done during the accident or incident and what was done to make sure that it never happens again-  The final part of the report is the most important to do as it shows that the company have thought about how to make the workplace safer, and also shows that they are determined to so that. This part should include what was done when and after the accident or incident happened, for example, calling the first aider to the scene to help the person that is injured.