Pear May’s juvenescence. Knights armor: Symbolizes Nobility,

Pear Tree: Symbolizes Betrayal


            Generally, tree is a symbol
life and growth, however, in the novel, the
pear tree became a symbol of betrayal and unfaithfulness. Throughout the novel,
one can notice how May’s love and compassion to his husband January started to
fade over time. As a result, May started to have an affair with his husband’s
squire, Damian, who happens to be more attractive and is the same age as May. The pear tree became the symbol of May’s betrayal and
disloyalty to his husband, January, as it is the where May and Damian
usually meet and make out as the narrator recounts “went up into the tree, and Damian / Pulled up her smock at once and in he thrust”. It also became the witness on May’s
disloyalty to his husband.

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Januarie: Symbolizes the Winter Season


            In the
novel, January was describe to as “hoor and oolde” knight who has been a
bachelor for over 60 years. He was characterized as being cold and shows no care
to his wife as the he utters “That I in hire ne koude han no
pleasaunce, Thanne sholde I lede my lyf in avoutrye'” which proves that he sees
and treats May as if she was just a thing or a toy that can easily be replace
when he’s not happy with it anymore. This characteristic of January can be attributed to the winter season during
the month of January wherein the weather is extremely cold and almost everything


May: Symbolizes the Spring season


            All throughout the novel, May is described to as young and “fresshe” maiden
who marries an old and wealthy knight named January. Thus, her youthful and
prime age is can be associated with the Spring season. During the month of May,
which also happen to be the name of the female character, everything starts to grow
and it look like everything is fresh and new which can be correlated with May’s


Knights armor: Symbolizes Nobility, Power and Wealth


the 14th Century, the Chivalry or the Knightly system sustain the
religion, honor and courtesy which also elevated the society. Their main job
and task is to protect and fight for the entire kingdom, therefore, they were
given much respect, power and influence. Therefore, in the novel, January did become
influential and wealthy because of his vocation as a knight.


Hidden Garden: Symbolizes Wealth


            In the novel, January has a secret garden wherein
he alone can access.

This alswhere he spends most of his time. The hidden symbolizes his wealth as he has his own private are where he and May can do anything without being disturb.


Essentially a private area in which the lovers could walk without being observed by servants or other hindrances to freedom of action, such gardens were as much a statement of wealth and degree as an attempt to create a little piece of Paradise.

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