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People make jokes about drinking bleach, Though sometimes funny do not do it. It will leave permanent damage. If someone wants to keep their throat do not drink the bleach. The topic for today is Household cleaning products can be dangerous. How? somebody might be asking well because of Injestion, Mixing, Tide Pods, Animals, and Pollution.Household cleaning products can be dangerous because people, mostly kids ate them. Millions of calls are taken each year by poison control. Most of the calls are from people eating chemicals. It is even harder for poison control to help if somebody is not specific with what was consumed. Poison control is maybe your best option because they are in every state and available in other parts near the US.Do not mix your chemicals. Some household cleaning products are dangerous is when mixed. It is very easy to make bombs yes bombs with household cleaning products so easy that a 19 year old learned on his own. Someone was arrested and had planted 11 bottle bombs in mailboxes. A student set off and explosion his dorm use normal chemicals. People are able to even make chlorine gas.Stop eating the gosh dang Tide Pods. Tide Pods are bad for your body. They can give a child seizures. At least 1 child a day is sent to the hospital from eating tide pods.Keep them out of reach kids want to eat them because they are colorful. The Tide Pod Challenge… really guys. People are hurting animals with household cleaning products. Over 1000 ducks were killed because of household cleaning products. Pollutants get in the ground and infects the plants which hurts the animals because it is there food source. The bacteria is also dying so the plants are no composting for fertilizer. The animals are getting sick.We are poisoning the earth. Toxic fire fumes are harder to put out. If there are large quantities of glass cleaner it is bad. I makes the oxygen bad. Long exposure can lower your iq score. Even dryer sheets can lower the iq.Cleaning is not safe. Be careful with cleaning products. Keep them away from children. Do not throw the Bottles in the ocean. Keep the earth healthy.