People positive attributes. It can also helpPeople positive attributes. It can also help

People have different opinions about marijuana, why it should be legalized, why it shouldn’t be legalized, it’s harmful, it’s not harmful etc. Marijuana has always been such a big controversy in the media. But despite everyone’s opinion, marijuana is here to stay for a very long period of time, and it has. Marijuana goes way back around 500 BC. As time has passed, there has been more and more ‘street’ names for marijuana. Such as, weed, pot, grass, kush, dope, mary jane, herb and etc, which are heard almost every day. Marijuana seems to be widely used by people around my age. I am credible to talk about this topic because I learned a lot about marijuana in my psychology class, I know the ‘side effects’ of it and I did a lot of research on it. There are many false misconceptions about marijuana and it needs to be addressed because marijuana is not harmful, it’s beneficial in many different aspects. Marijuana is beneficial for our health, our economy and our society. Marijuana has always been used, but it has become more and more popular over the years. It wasn’t always seen as a ‘dangerous’ drug, it use to be used as herbal medicine. It was first saw being used in Asia around 500 BC, and since that it has been used by many cultures for hundreds and hundreds of years. According to Narconon, in 1545 the spanish people brought marijuana into the ‘new world’. In 1890, marijuana was being used in patients medicines. By 1920, people began to catch up with marijuana. Marijuana back then was never considered a social threat.   Marijuana can be beneficial to our health. Health is the most important reason why marijuana should be legalized. Marijuana can help people in the everyday life, it has many positive attributes. It can also help many Americans that are suffering from poor health. Marijuana could be used to help with nausea, pain, anxiety, and many other symptoms that normal drugs just aren’t curing. It can regulate and prevent diabetes, it helps fight cancer, it can help depression, it helps regulate seizures, and it can also help one treat an addiction they have.  I smoke marijuana on the daily. I don’t do it for fun, I do it for my own health. I get really bad anxiety/panic attacks during the day and I have a lot  of  trouble sleeping at night. I’m not the only person who uses marijuana to relieve and ‘treat’ my anxiety. Anxiety disorders affect approximately 40 million adults between ages 18 and 54 (Folk) and 10% of those people use marijuana to help them relieve their anxiety. I was perscribed by my doctor an antidepressant to help my anxiety attacks. He prescribed me Escitalopram (lexapro) and remeron. Escitalopram was suppose to treat my  anxiety disorders. But I had a very bad experince with it. I would get really bad headaches, and random nosebleeds. So I stopped taking that and started smoking marijuana. Marijuana has helped me a lot these past two years. So yes, marijuana has been beneficial to me and my health, and here is why it can be beneficial to the economy. Legalizing marijuana could save our government money, and could even make money out of it. Our government wastes so much money on trying to regulate marijuana. We waste about 25 billion dollars trying to regulate it. But it’s just a big waste of money, because there is still no difference. People are still smoking pot, and will continue to. Imagine what our government can do with 25 billion dollars. If marijuana was legalized, it can be taxed and be used for government funding (Chitraparna).