Performance through its incorporated method for realizingPerformance through its incorporated method for realizing

management is defined as a continuous process of Identifying, measuring, and
developing the performance of individuals and teams and aligning performance
with the strategic goals of the organisation. Herman Aguinis Virtually all organizations globally
have some

type of
performance management system because individual performance is the building
block of organizational success, (Aguinis,Joo, & Gottfredson, 2011).
get rewarded for their performance. They give high value to monetary rewards
once they have achieved their set targets. Jerry Maguire a well-known scene
from the movie (Crowe, 1996) portrays the high value that employees give
to monetary rewards. Key objective for performance management is to improve
performance of individuals and the organization, and therefore organisations
need to ensure unity within the organization as a system and its sub systems
through its incorporated method for realizing ideal outcomes. (Herman
Aguinis *, Harry Joo, Ryan K. Gottfredson) HUMAN Performance (Aguinis,
2013, p. 2).

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improvement of organisational process and systems on regular basis is very
important so that performance outcomes are efficient and effective. Roles and
responsibilities of employees need to be clear and accepted by individuals before
any duties can be executed. Clear goals and expectations should be communicated
by leaders with monitoring and regular feedback
in order to improve performance. Clear targets should be communicated though
their measuring tools such as score card through key performance indicators;
and they have to be achievable. Failure to achieve the targets it will be the
responsibility of the organisation to ensure career development to improve
skills for their employees for all levels of the organisational structure.
Leaders and managers leading the teams should do monthly performance reviews in
order to identify the gaps to improve competency base. Quarterly and midyear reviews
should be applied so that year ends appraisals and achieved.

This assignment outlines the determinants
of performance management process applied through Acme progressive company. The
tools used for performance appraisal through data collection to measure
achievements of individual’s within the organization. assignment further
critically, justify and analyses the methods incorporated in the case study to
improve the employee performance for the organization, as well as explaining
two improved performance measurement systems.

An effort is required
by the organizations to provide context and meaning of performance management to
their employees through increasing employee engagement and motivation using methodologies
in order to improve performance measurement systems in support of employee

Third part
in the assignment will explain why performance management should not be
confused with performance appraisal as we refer to the case study that Ecme
company show how managers addressed the performance management of employees
through planning and implementation as well monitoring to improve efficiency.
At the end of the year the company performance appraisal though measuring tools
such as score card.  The author
critically analyse the most common tools that the new boss from the case used
for data collection in performance appraisal. The author will then in her own
thinking and understanding explain the performance appraisal adopted at her
current organisation.

The last
part of the assignment will briefly explain the efforts required by
organisations to provide meaning of performance management for employees and
will also justify that evaluation of performance has an effect on the salaries
of employees.