Personality easily despite of being naturally lowPersonality easily despite of being naturally low

Personality plays a critical role in the life of every person. It’s the blueprint of who we are in terms of our temperament, feelings, and emotions about ourselves as well as others. Personality plays a significant role in shaping our psychological being. In short, the personality of a person is the sum of the characteristics or traits of the person for others. The big 5 personality traits comprise openness to experience, agreeableness, experience, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and extraversion (De, 2000). Notably, the big 5 personality traits are a mixture of various traits such as behaviour, emotions and adventures, curiosity, etc. It was truly interesting to get to know more about myself when it came to my personality by undertaking the Big 5 personality test. I had varied scores which is a comprehensive indication of the different traits that make up my personality. Amazingly, I scored 32 on the conscientiousness trait which is the highest of all the five traits. The high score in conscientiousness trait indicates that am thoughtful, organised and responsible person. I am one person who is not influenced by spontaneous change but rather work with plan and remain disciplined through. The agreeableness trait was my second highest trait with a score of 24, which shows that am cooperative, kind hearted, and sympathetic person, as well as adaptable to changing circumstances as well according to others (De, 2000).  Neuroticism trait came third after conscientiousness with a score of 20, which shows that sometimes I get anxious easily despite of being naturally low tempered. Moreover, I had a relatively high score in Extroversion trait compared to other trait with a score of 18 which shows im partially an outgoing, people-oriented, and friendly. Unfortunately, I scored the lowest in openness with a score of 6, which shows that am a conservative and a status-quo person. Leadership effectiveness is closely associated with conscientiousness, openness, and extroversion traits. My high score in conscientiousness is a good indication for my preparedness in being an effective leader by remaining a responsible and thoughtful person who is ready to think on other ways of approaching situations. The unfortunate low score in openness trait is a wakeup call to me that I should readjust myself to be accommodative to variety and adventurous towards becoming an effective leader. Additionally, on the part of extroversion trait I had a considerable good score, which also shows that I should work hard to increase my interactions with others to make myself acquainted to people towards becoming an effective leader. My personality scores from the Big 5 personality test are of great significance in shaping my behaviour towards work, school, and teamwork. At work I will have easy time working with my colleagues given that am a kind-hearted person, cooperative, responsible and organised person. At school I may not be the best person for group discussion given by my poor openness trait since am not that explorative in nature. However, I feel I will be effective in teamwork given that am sociable, cooperative with considerable low tempers.ReferenceDe, R. B. (2000). The big five personality factors: The psycholexical approach to personality. Seattle u.a.: Hogrefe & Huber.