Playback Oliphant (1967) points out, “Presuming thatPlayback Oliphant (1967) points out, “Presuming that

Playback Theatre Technique can be used as Scaffolding Approach-
an approach popularized by an American educational psychologist, Jerome Bruner.
Bruner’s view on social cognitive theory identifies three variables which are
interrelated with one another. They are behavioral
factors, environmental factors (extrinsic) and personal factors (intrinsic).
Playback Theatre aids to exterminate an extraneous factor which acts as a
barrier to speak effectively. Other add-on advantages for the learners’
participation in TBLIP are:  TBLIP
prepares an individual to build rapport, gain respect from the fellow
participants, gear to the level of readiness, intent and interpret and
communicative effectively. In the process of the training sessions the
interpersonal skills helped the learners to foster understanding and
co-operation. The incorporation of Playback Theatre technique in this theatre
based learning provided the learners to focus on productive working
relationship which remains to be the two fold foundation of trust and
commonality. The learners develop their assertiveness and conflict resolution
skills. Playback Theatre kindles the learners to develop contingency plan
during performance. Learner gradually refrain confrontation for better
participation in their construction of the story.

conclude, Oliphant (1967) points out, “Presuming that the innovative process
(in teaching English) should begin at the point at which a need for change
coincides with the means of satisfying that need, the English teacher can
update his instructional approach by examining, on the one hand, the student’s
felt need for articulate expression and a sympathetic listener, and on the
other, the current advanced research in counselling, programmed instruction and
the human use of language.” Henceforth Theatre Based Language Instruction
Programme with Playback Theatre modules will help the learner to develop
Speaking Skills and well as their interpersonal skills to survive in this
society competently.

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