Plenty is also a possibility that cloningPlenty is also a possibility that cloning

Plenty of a people can argue that cloning is inhumane because of things like taking away the individuality of a person since you are making identical genes and since there is a lack of diversity, it will cause the human race to lower how they can adapt. It can also cause faster aging because there is a possibility of the age of the donor can be imprinted in the embryonic cell. One that most people will find important is the security of cloning. People can clone you from things like your cells on anything. It could be that easy to fund some type of DNA to clone a human but what if you don’t want to be cloned? There are no laws to say that it is illegal yet.  Aside from those cons of cloning and many others, there are also plenty of pros of cloning that I agree with. For example, it can eliminate infertility. Women who are unable to have children and want one of their own can finally have the chance to have one by cloning cells. With cloning, we can also have a quicker recovery when it comes to injuries because they can clone healthy ones to fix the problem. There is also a possibility that cloning can fix defective genes by being able to clone things like organs or tissue to replace the damaged ones. Overall, the pros of cloning outweigh the cons of cloning. All of the good things that cloning can do for you are way better than the things that might happen if cloning was allowed and defective. I think cloning has a higher chance of working out for the people that need it then have a risk of not working. Cloning is also a good idea because you can use it for animals and plants too.      One of the main pros of being able to clone humans is for reproductive purposes and to have an extra organ. There are plenty of reasons why families that really want children can’t have one, and if you are able to clone eggs of a female or the sperm of a male, you are able to create a child that will still be considered related to you genetically. There are also families that have lost their children and might want them back. If it every got to that point, with cloning they would be able to have a version of their child back with them. Some might find it unusual, but if it’s something a family wants to do then they should be allowed to. When couples of the same sex want to have a baby ( especially men) they need to have a surrogate, a donor egg or sperm. If they are able to clone they don’t need anything except for a surrogate. The amazing thing about being able to do reproductive cloning is that it can be used for food and animals. If animals are going extinct, you can clone the ones that are left to grow their population. Also, having the ability to clone plants that we could eat to have an endless amount can help if there was every a shortage. Cloning plants or food can also keep them fresh so they can last longer. When there is someone who is having the problem with their organs like kidney failure, heart failure, something wrong with your tissue, being able to clone these things will help these people stay alive. Instead of having to be put on this never-ending list just to get a new organ to survive is ridiculous and these people can pass away before they get what they need. Being able to have a kidney or heart failure that is a copy of their healthy one, it will always match the type they need and would not be rejected.  Both of these reasons are probably two of the most important when it comes to cloning. It can save the lives of many people, bring a couple to have a big growing family, and help more than just humans but animals too. Another important reason to have to clone is for traumatic injuries that athletes or anyone else who has suffered a horrible injury. For example, with a sport like football that is very dangerous, you can get different injuries that could put a hold on their career because of how long it will take them to recover. With cloning, they can make it possible to copy the cells so that the healing process won’t take as long. There could also be a possible defection with the genes and cloning is one way that can solve that, Having defective genes can be solved by cloning by cloning the healthy cells in the human body. Having a genetic illness can be one of the main reason someone could die, and if were replacing the bad sells with healthy ones it can stop or prevent the illness from getting worse. As you know, this can be very beneficial for plants for a couple of reasons. One is because if you are cloning one healthy plant, the one you clone can have all the things that need to be in it. Meaning, it has all of the characteristics a healthy plant has and needs. There could also be times when the plants aren’t growing quickly or don’t have seeds in them. With cloning, it can make new plants grow faster and have more seeds inside of them. One thing that can be very important for the future of cloning and our genetics is the research they do. The researchers can use cloning technologies to figure out and better understand the effects of genes in the people that are cloned and the genetic disease they can have. Cloning can bring a huge powerful change in the world. It is bringing huge benefits for not only humans, but any type of plants and animals as well. I feel as if cloning is very helpful and will benefit our society for all of this reason because of the technology used to do it. We all know and can notice that technology is growing and changing everything mostly for the better.  It was only a certain amount of time that something like this would become real.     There are lots of people that find cloning immoral or inhumane because it is unnatural to create a child or organs that did not come from a human body first. There are ven reasons people believe are bad about reproductive cloning and can even have a religious reason to it. The treatment of clones can be less than someone who isn’t a clone. For the religious aspect, people believe that clones are not what God intended to have. The clones would be created by people and that is not how God wanted it. People are messing what God has created. In the movie The 6th day, God created man on the six days on earth. ” Cloning entire humans, however, is prohibited by what are known as “Sixth Day” laws” ( The 6th day, Wikipedia.) This quote shows that in the movie, there are sixth-day laws because it is illegal for anyone to clone human beings, animals are the only thing that is allowed to be cloned. Since God created man on the sixth day. If a parent cloned their child after they passed away, they will always be compared to how that child is different before the real one passed away. I strongly disagree because if someone is cloned they will become the same exact person they were right before they died.     There is also a statistic about the cloning of animals and how it is not effective. “95% of animal cloning has ended in failure due to genetic defects, and cloning is considered unsafe because of it.” ( NATASHA QUINONEZ) . Even if this might be true, there still have a strong chance to keep working to solve the issue. Nothing gets done correctly with things like this the first time. Throughout the next years, leading to the far future, the technology for just about everything will be so advanced, tested, that it will be able to work and do what the people want. It is just a matter of time and commitment put into the process.    Overall, I believe that cloning is something that will benefit all human that choose to use it and our society in the future as the technology continues to develop. You can see why I personally think that it is better to have to clone as an option to everyone. The people who feel like it shouldn’t be done, don’t have to do anything with it. Everyone should make the decision by themselves. If you don’t agree with what’s being done then you don’t have to participate in it, but if you do agree you should be able to do what you want.