Political property application and protected by lawPolitical property application and protected by law

Political Factors

Santander website states that the economic
freedom which is the fundamental right of each human within the countries to
control his or her own labour and property. And Malaysia had get ranked in 27
out of 187 countries in Santander statistic. Malaysia overall score 73.8 out of
100 points in economic freedom and score highest in business freedom which is
90.8 per 100. It means that government of Malaysia has less restriction for
business to operate their companies in Malaysia such as the conditions and cost
of starting a business, getting a license or acquired electronic supply.

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Furthermore, Malaysia score 85.3 which is
the second higher score in the index which is property rights and tax burden. It
means businesses are easier to get private property application and protected
by law and gains more profit by paying less government tax in this country. Besides
that, according to The Economist Intelligence Unit’s reports about the Business
Environment Rankings, Malaysia ranked in 19 out of 82 countries within 2014 to
2018. It means Malaysia is consider as pretty good environment of companies to
operate their businesses.

Economic Factors

Minister of International Trade and
Industry states that Malaysia has succeeded in creating economic stability in
2017. On the other hand, Santander also states that Malaysia has positive
performance in GDP per capita, government gross debt and unemployment rate. Furthermore,
according to Bank Negara statistic, Malaysia net exports rise 5.8% and net
imports decrease 71.97% from 2015 to 2016. That means monetary flow in Malaysia
will increase and economic will growth in Malaysia. And FocusEconomics Consensus
Forecast also show optimism vision on Malaysia economic which states that it expects
Malaysia GDP will expand a healthy 5.1% in 2018.

Sociocultural Factor

According to Statista statistic, it states
that snack food total revenue had increase among the years from 2010 to 2017
and predict the trend of growth for 14.8% in the future from 2019 to 2021. It means
Malaysian might have positive taste about snack and cause the increase in
demand of snack in the future. On the other hand, Nielsen statistic also shows
that Asia-pacific which Malaysian occupied 61% love to eat chocolate and
biscuits. And ranked in follow by number one and four. Those statistic shows
that Malaysian like to biscuits and chocolate and has the high probabilities
that it might be a trend of growth in biscuits and chocolate demand in the

Technological Factor

Digital News Asia uncover that Malaysia had
the highest growth rate in Asia Pacific regarding to the IT spending which
means Malaysia are emphasize information technology and might has the riper
information technology which the spending rise 7.6% from 2015 to 2016. It will increase
the information flow among the companies and reinforce the effectiveness of
operating the businesses. Besides that, The Star discover that Malaysia is
ranked in 8 out of 37 Asia countries in the Global Innovation Index at 2017. That
means that the introduced innovation quality metric is consider as very high in
Asia countries. Furthermore, Cornell University, INSEAD and the World
Intellectual Property Organization mention that “Malaysia not only had the best
cluster development and information and communications technology use, but also
maintained its strengths in high-technology imports and exports and creative
goods exports among other indicators.” Which means that Malaysia technology
development is pretty mature and allow businesses to gains advantages and
convenience by the technologies that Malaysia had offer in the country.