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Portable storage containers revolutionizing the way people are
moving. While hiring full service movers or renting a U-Haul truck may seem to
be easier options because they’re more common, these methods of moving also
tend to be more costly and less efficient than using a pod for moving.  Portable storage container companies like PODS,
Pack Rat, or Upack to name a few—offer the moving truck as well as personal
storage—as an alternate choice to traditional moving services.

 Storage containers
give people the flexibility of moving over period of days or weeks thus
removing the anxiety-inducing time constraints ordinarily associated with
moving from house to house. However, due to the manner in which portable
storage containers are collected and shipped, you have to know how to pack a
pod for moving the right way in order to be assured that your furniture arrives
safely to its destination.

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How It Works

The storage container company you choose will deliver the
pod to your home and place it in a location that will be easily accessible for
loading and unloading. The storage container can remain at your home for as
long as you need it or are willing to pay for it. This should give you plenty
of time to get your pod packed for moving. Once you have the container filled the
company will come back to pick it up and deliver it to either your new home,
apartment, or to one of their storage facilities which is generally indoor and

Getting Prepared

Before you load the storage container, you should take the
time to prepare and organize your things. Good packing practices will ensure
the safety of your belongings during transportation. Pack using a variety of different
sized boxes in order to get the most out of the amount of usable space inside
of the pod.  However, make sure you don’t
over pack your boxes. As a general rule of thumb, the heavier the items that you
are packing, the smaller the moving boxes you’re going to use.

Next, wrap all of your fragile and breakable things in
moving blankets secured with plastic wrap to give them a little extra
cushioning.  As a final point, you want
to take the time to disassemble and furniture item that can be broken down in
to smaller more easily manageable components such as bed frames and tables. Taking
the legs off of a table can save a tremendous amount of space inside of a
portable storage container.

Loading the Pod

The order in which you load a pod for moving is absolutely critical
to the success of your move. When loading a portable storage container the idea
is to build “furniture walls” going from side to side and top to bottom before
front to back. For example, the first thing you would traditionally load on to
your container first would be something heavy and wide like a bedroom dresser
or armoire. This will provide you with a sturdy base that you can safely stack
boxes or smaller and lighter furniture items on as you build a wall toward to
ceiling of the pod.

Using moving blankets as you load will greatly lower the chances
of damaging valuable pieces of furniture. Professional movers sometimes roll up
extra moving blankets to fill random gaps to prevent shifting inside of the pod.

Throughout the pod, there are anchoring hooks where you can use
bungee or ratcheting straps if necessary. Once you have a fairly even wall
going across the back quarter of the pod you can place a taller item like a box
springs or bookshelf in front of the first wall to add additional support to
the items you stacked. You want to continue making furniture walls in this
manner until you reach the front of the container by the door. The final wall
close to the door should be marginally shorter than the rest so that you won’t
have an issues opening the door when the container reaches its destination.

Protect Your Stuff

If your container will be sitting outside for a while,
you’ll want to safeguard your belongings against changes in weather that can lead
to pest infestations, mildew, and mold. We suggest using humidity absorbers,
which can be purchased online or from a home hardware store.  Also keep your container safe with a heavy
duty padlock at any time you aren’t around. Sometimes the portable storage
company may provide the lock themselves or sell you one when you order the pod.


Commitment to using good pod loading practices is imperative
to the overall success of your move. Taking the additional time to organize
your things will ensure that your furniture arrives in the new location
undamaged.  Load the container in the
right order so that everything fits together in make shift walls of furniture. Don’t
forget to use moving blankets throughout the load to take up any additional
gaps and to cover your more delicate possessions. Finish the load with moisture
absorbers and a strong padlock for security and you’re good to go. By taking
the time to load your pod for moving correctly, you’ll save valuable time and
prevent damage which saves money.