Prenatal information- from what to expect duringPrenatal information- from what to expect during

Prenatal Website Activity

The informational pregnancy website I chose to evaluate “was”.
This website supplied a plethora of information- from what to expect during
each trimester to what to expect after pregnancy itself. At first glance, this
website seems like the perfect source for the expecting mother, but upon
delving deeper, the information seems to be mostly fluff. Websites such as
immediately advertise their weekly updates on the growth of the fetus as their
largest attraction. In contrast, offers subjects such as popular
baby names and how to throw the best baby shower. Imagine the small details of
motherhood- this is what the website attempts to cover. This isn’t to say they
don’t also offer the information that can be found on baby center- just that
they are attempting to hit many more bases. I think by doing this, none of the
information is in depth.

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When it comes right down to it, the website one should choose
depends greatly on what kind of information that are looking for. If a mother
was looking for tools such as an ovulation calendar and in-depth information on
the progress of their pregnancy, is the website they should look
to utilize. If they are looking for the newest trends and headlines such as
“The Ultimate Baby Essential Checklist” and “10 Crazy Things Happening In Your
Body Right Now”,
is the way to go.

In regards to bettering this website, I would say they are doing a
great job in achieving the desired effect. Their website manages to give off a
“click-bait” style set-up with useful information at every turn. Although it
may not be information that every woman would desire, it certainly does
highlight the most exciting aspects of motherhood. It is a website that I would
recommend, but only to a very certain type of person. It is in these ways I
believe that this website not only falls short, but also manages to supply
modern, trendy information.