Privacy: store, where we can access itPrivacy: store, where we can access it

Cloud computing comes with the risk that illegal users might access our
information. To safety measure against this happening, cloud computing services
suggest password protection and operate on secure servers with data encryption tools
Pra, 13b.

Loss of Control: Cloud computing objects control the users. This consist of not
only how much we have to pay to use the service, but also what information we
can store, where we can access it from, and many other aspects. We depend on
the provider for updates and backups Gur, 12. If for certain reason, their
server ceases to operate, we run the risk of losing all our information.

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Internet Reliance (Service is unavailable when the internet goes
down): While Internet access is
increasingly well-known, it is not available everywhere just yet. If the area
that we are in doesn’t have Internet access, we won’t be able to open any of
the documents we have stored in the cloud. As stated
above, most of today’s top providers of cloud-based technology are very
reliable and can potential an extremely high percentage (unbelievably high). Still,
problems can occur if we’re exclusively dependent on the internet to access our
files, and the internet connection in our workplace or home unexpectedly breakdowns.
If we’re using content in the cloud entirely to run our business, operations
will grind to a halt until our internet connection is reestablished Pri, 13b.

Fewer maintenance concerns: When dealing with physical computer networks, software, and hardware,
there are a lot of maintenance needs.  We
must dedicate resources to regularly optimizing processes that are working.
Downloading new versions of software, installing them on computers and even
running virus scans are all things that absorb valuable time and draw our
attention away from other critical responsibilities.

Potential migration issues: If we start using one cloud computing service and then want to
transfer our files over to a different provider, that process may prove much
more complicated than expected. Although progress is occurring to make the task
easier, there are still substantial incompatibility issues that may make moving
our files between providers painful at best She, 12.

Reduced customer control: Because cloud computing offers a managed service, that means
customers give up some control to use what’s offered. That’s especially true in
terms of what’s happening in the background. Many cloud computing service
providers don’t provide details about their infrastructures, which may be
frustrating to customers that prefer to handle administration needs on their

Cloud computing usually allows us
to log into a well-maintained online interface and access the latest versions
of applications and content without having to download anything that needs to
be checked for viruses.

In figure 1.3 and 1.4 list out the challenges of all services
as well as storage service. It clearly shows the storage service has more
issues compare with all other services Ind, 12.