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Privacy Badger is a reliable and trusted tool that helps you keep your privacy on the Internet.Companies collecting information about the network habits of users have no interest in you personally. They need data on millions of users to use them to calculate typical behavior patterns and conduct effective advertising campaigns.Two tasks are needed to collect information. The first is to identify users. It is solved by assigning each browser a special identifier, which is created on the basis of its digital fingerprint.The second task is to monitor the movements of the user. For this, different technologies are used, including scripts, cookies and trackers embedded in the code of web pages.Many people do not see any problem in the fact that they are constantly followed by digital bloodhounds. Others, on the contrary, are so concerned about this that they develop special tools that make it difficult to gather information.The expansion of Privacy Badger is developed by the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), which was created to protect the rights of users to private life in connection with the emergence of modern technologies.After installing the extension, an icon will appear in the browser panel displaying the number of blocked items. Do not be surprised if at first they will not be. The fact is that Privacy Badger is capable of self-learning. If the extension sees that on every site you open there is the same foreign element, then it starts blocking it. Therefore, after a while, the icon will more and more often show red numbers.If you do not trust the built-in algorithms, you can specify the extension yourself which trackers to block and which ones to not. To do this, move the slider near the corresponding element to the far left position.Privacy Badger is a reliable and trusted tool that will help you keep your privacy confidential and will not allow ad systems to collect data about your browsing history on the Web. Recommended for installation.