Problem journey.In order to solve these problems,Problem journey.In order to solve these problems,

Problem : Conventional paper based Ticket Checking System is now inconvenient to Ticket Checkers in Indian Railways,Also it poses a problem for allocation of seats/births to wait listed, passengers, or those who are Reserved AgainstCancellation of their births, during their journey.Illustration : Since the first train that left Bombay for Thane in 1853, passenger tickets have always been checkedmanually on paper. This worked well at that time, but has now become an obsolete process. Verifying allocated seatsby going through all the records on many papers, one by one is time consuming. People who are reserved againstcancellation for a seat/birth, are not allocated the vacant seats left unaccommodated during the journey.In order to solve these problems, a better system needs to be adopted, which will not only reduce timeconsumed by going through big reservation chart, but also solve the problems of many passengers in waiting list forbirth/seat allocation.? Since, smart phones are possessed by majority of people, TC's can use their smart devices to check the tickets .? They shall have an automated interface which could assist them in going through the whole process for verifyingpassengers to secure their births/seats.? The interface will be provided by a mobile application which will be installed on their android smart phones.The tasks carried out by the application is as follows.? As soon as Ticket Checker runs the application, they will be greeted with a page, which could verify theirauthenticity to board that train.? The train, its route, and other journey details, will be determined by a server, by providing unique number of thetrain, which will host all the schedules, reservation charts, for all trains.? Those details will be fetched by the application from the server and will be used to authenticate the TC boarding onthat train.? The application then will host two record sets, One of which will have records for births/seats which have beenverified, and the other to verify the remaining ones.? At each stop, the unverified record set will be updated with the entries of new passengers, who are supposed toboard the train.? The verified data will be updated and sent to the server, time to time, which will keep track of unclaimedbirths/seats, due to inability of passenger to board the train for his/her journey.? The seats, which are left vacant, will be allocated to the passenger, who had to share his birth with anybody else i.e.reservation against cancellation.? If the list of those passenger has been completed, then the same process will be done for passengers who had topurchase tickets for unreserved class accommodation on a train, after having themselves wait listed for the reservedclass accommodation.? The allocation of seats will be notified to the passenger via SMS, after which he/she would have to respond to theticket checker, and claim the vacant birth. Unable to do so, the same birth/seat will be allocated to the next passengeron the list.