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Proponents also state that homeschooling students are
doing above average on measure of social development. (Brian D. Ray, 2016) However, the researches show that homeschooling
brings negative impact to the students in
the aspect of socialization. Socialization
is defined as social interaction but it also refers to understanding and
learning to navigate a society’s social norms and rules of behavior. (Anon., n.d.) For
homeschooling students, they either obtain their education at home or
homeschool institution which only made up of a small
group of students. As a consequence, they are not exposed to peer pressure, group dynamics and the ability
to learn coping skills. (Ricardo, n.d.) This can limit their opportunities for
social interaction and thus they will develop social phobias and experience
social awkwardness. (Anon., n.d.)
Moreover, they may feel lonely and friendless because they are isolated from
the exposure public school students experience. Friendships are necessary to
everyone as good friends will bring benefits to us, such as heighten the
happiness, reduce the stress and act as good role model. Without the presence
of friends in life, there will be the hindering development of mental health
and social skills of the students. Based on the Cardus Education Survey (2011),
homeschool graduates were known to be “feelings of helplessness in dealing with
life’s problems” than traditional school graduates. (Anon., n.d.)
In addition, homeschooling students tend to depend more on their parents that
they hardly learn to be independent. This will further affect their future life
as they are not able to manage their own life. This can be proven by the Cardus
Education Survey (2011) that homeschool graduates were more likely to report “lack of clarity of goals and sense of direction” than
traditional school graduates. (Anon., n.d.) To
sum up, homeschooling is not a right choice for children as it may inhibit the
development of social skills.


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Moreover, proponents state that homeschooling students
typically score 15 to 30 percentage above public school students on
standardized examination. (Brian D. Ray, 2016) However, researches have shown that homeschooling
is not as effective as public school since the average quality of homeschooling
is considered low. Homeschooling is lack of
structure as parents or tutors for
homeschool have a variety of teaching
styles which do not follow the structure that has been set down by the ministry of education. Some parents attach importance to their children’s
academic progress while others just leave academics aside. Most of the parents
and homeschool institute also do not provide extra co-curricular for the
students. Besides, there is also limited coverage of subject
for homeschooling because homeschooling students tend to focus on subjects of
interest only. It is also impossible for parents to teach complex subjects such
as Mathematics, Physics and so on unless they are experts. Based on an article written by Coalition for Responsible
Home Education organization (CRHE), the homeschoolers tend to do better in
reading and worse in Mathematics. (Anon., n.d.) From the analysed
data of the 2001 SAT by researcher Clive Belfield, we also know that
homeschooled students scored worse than predicted in Mathematics. (Anon., n.d.) Besides, there is
the absence of skilled and trained
teachers for homeschooled students. Some of the parents do not meet the
qualifications of education to teach their children that they do not have wide
knowledge about the specific subject. According to the National Center for Education
Statistics, 4.4% of children whose parents have not completed high school were
homeschooled, compared to 3.6% of children whose parents have a bachelor’s
degree. (Anon., n.d.) Parents
are also lack of effective teaching methods as they are not trained like public
school’s teachers. Therefore, homeschooling is not suitable for students to
obtain a good education as it is lack of
structure and skilled teachers.