Psychology they may only give viable answersPsychology they may only give viable answers

Psychology scientists have evolved many scientific methods of answering hypothesis and research questions. After studying these methods, I thought best to chose the naturalistic observation along with the mandatory experimental method to answer the research question, “Does playing violent video games increase aggressive behavior in children?” Naturalistic observation was a perfect method, because you can get honest reactions from the study participant, if you go about the observation correctly. The experimental method is most generally split into two groups where only one is manipulated, and the participants behavior is documented. Both are effective at calculating conclusions, but they may only give viable answers for certain research questions.For an experimental method approach on the topic of  “Does playing violent video games increase aggressive behavior in children,” I would choose to take account of two separate individuals. I would split the individuals into a controlled and experimental group. My control group would be an individual who loves to play video games, but is only offered the opportunity to play nonviolent games. For my second individual, the person would also love to play video games, and would be offered the opportunity to play only violent video games. The people chosen for the experimental method would need to be the same age, because an age gap would most likely affect the experiment’s conclusion. After each group played their games, I would measure their behavior, and how they interacted with other people. Another key factor would be ensuring that both groups had equal screen time, and were treated almost identically. Experimenter bias is the possibility that a researcher’s expectations might interfere with the results of the study, and this is a weakness of experimental method. A double-blind study is a definite strength of this research method, because it enables the experimenter bias from occuring. It is a study where both the researchers and the participants are blind to group assignments, so that opinions are controlled. This method would have reliability, because it would have repeatability of observations. It would possess validity, because I would ensure the more than one observer made an opinion on the findings of the experiment.The naturalistic observation would be conducted in the study subject’s normal environment. It would be essential that the study subject knew nothing about being observed, so that they would expose their natural behavior. To answer the research question, first the subject would need to partake in playing a violent video game unsuspiciously. Then, the subject would be analyzed throughout the natural day. Possible stimulus may not be added to the study, because this method is the observation of behavior in a more or less natural setting, without any attempt to intervene. If natural tense situations arose, it would be highly important to document the subjects reaction such as: aggression.