Quality always been in the Green area.Quality always been in the Green area.

Quality Monitoring  – The
service is audited on an annual basis from Nottingham City Council as we are in
the boundary of the city. The audit covers all areas of the service we provide.
The audit looks at our person centred practice and how are able to evidence
this. Nottingham City Council commission funding for placements to the service
and are also establishing that what we offer is cost effective. We are an
expensive service and placements cost much more than  an average care home. We are a specialist
forensic service working with people who have very complex needs and need to be
managed and monitored closely. Our staff team have all been educated to degree
level of higher and some have professional memberships to regulatory bodies
e.g. NMC. Our quality audits have always been in the Green area. The council
operate a traffic light system  of


Green – good no actions required

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Amber – Some action points required


Red – Serious concerns – possible closure




Our most recent inspection was carried out on 15th November
2017. Although I am not in receipt of the official report to date, the
inspector indicated to me the result would be green and he would be looking at
a percentage rating of over 91%.


Internal Quality Audit Tool  – IQuAT.
This is a monitoring tool which is based on what CQC would be looking to
evidence during a full inspection. This is completed by the manager annually
and is followed up by an IQuAT themed visit from our risk and assurance


Service User Meetings – These are held on a fortnightly basis and are
chaired by the service user representative and is a forum for service users to
discuss any issues, agree the activity programme for the next two weeks,
highlight any maintenance, feedback from other meetings, make suggestions and
also learn how to raise concerns, safeguarding, whistle-blowing, find out about
local external activities and plan events. As a manager I try to maintain a
presence at the meetings to enable to be fully informed of what is important to
the people who use the service.



Person centred planning may be defined as a way of discovering:

How a person wants to live their life and

What is required to make that possible.