Question Catalogue Number 1: Frame 63-112, 2-4PoleQuestion Catalogue Number 1: Frame 63-112, 2-4Pole

                             Question 1)  split phase  Manufacturer 1: Dart controls, Inc    Product 1: AC Variable Voltage Supply 57 Series Catalogue Number 1: 240VAC   Product 2: AC Variable Voltage Supply 55 Series Catalogue Number 2: 120VAC   Manufacturer 2: Dayton, Inc Product 1: Catalogue Number 1: Split Phase Motor 1/4HP 850RPM 115V Catalogue Number 1: 6XH73BA   Product 2: Split Phase Motor 125 rpm, 1/2hp Catalogue Number 2: 5K596C   Manufacturer 3: Eastop, Inc Product 1: YC split phase induction motor for fan with IP55 Catalogue Number 1: Frame 63-112, 2-4Pole   Product 2: MC split phase induction motors for fan with Duty S1 Catalogue Number 2: Frame 63-112, 2-4Pole        Capacitor start Manufacturer 1:  DAYOU, Inc   Product 1: YC/YCL series Heavy -duty single phase capacitor start induction motor Catalogue number 1: YC80-YC132   Product 2: Aluminum Motor MC series single phase capacitor start  Catalogue number 2: MC711-MC112M   Manufacturer 2: Pinnxun, Inc   Product 1: YC YL capacitor start induction single phase motor Catalogue number 1: YC100L2-4   Product 2: Y2-ODP motor 1/2 HP single phase capacitor start motor Catalogue number 2: D561/2S2C-C   Manufacturer 3: Emean, Inc   Product 1: 5rpm 1hp capacitor start motor Catalogue number 1: Y90L-2   Product 2:  cd60 motor starting capacitor 15 hp Catalogue number 2: YC112M2-2            Capacitor start -capacitor run Manufacturer 1: OEM brand, Inc Product 1: ML SERIES CAST ALUMINUM CAPACITOR-RUN AND CAPACITOR-START MOTOR Catalogue number 1: ML63 to ML100L   Product 2: ML series single phase capacitor start and capacitor run motor Catalogue number 2: ML802-4 0.75KW   Manufacturer 2: HONGMA, Inc Product 1: Single Phase dual capacitor start run YL Series Asynchronous Induction AC Electric Motor Catalogue number 1: 112M-4P-4KW   Product 2: small capacitor starting and running single phase ac electric induction motor Catalogue number 2: 71A-2P-0.37KW   Manufacturer 3: Weiye, Inc Product 1: Two-Value Capacitors Start and Run Induction Motor Catalogue number 1: YL112M1-4   Product 2: Capacitor Start and Run Electric Motor Appliances Catalogue number 2: ML112M-2       shaded pole Manufacturer 1: BOER, Inc Product 1: SHADED POLE HVAC REFRIGERATOR FAN MOTOR Catalogue number 1: S6111CDM01   Product 2: FAN COOLING REFRIGERATOR SQUARE SHADED POLE MOTOR Catalogue number 2: TYPE F61-10   Manufacturer 2: OEM Brand, Inc Product 1: Copper Wire 40W ac shade pole motor for air conditioner  Catalogue number 1: YJ9627   Product 2: Electric Ac Range Hood Fan Motor Catalogue number 2: KD82-72   Manufacturer 3: ACP, Inc Product 1: Single Phase 220V shade Pole Asynchronous Motor Catalogue number 1: AD-6330-2202800   Product 2: Single Phase 120V AC Shade Pole Induction motor Catalogue number 2: AD-6330-1203500        Types of single phase A.C. motors:  Split-Phase ADD IMAGE  The split phase motor has a cage rotor and laminated stator with two winding’s one being the main ‘run’ and other the auxiliary ‘start’.  Auxiliary winding gives a series resistance which its impedance is very resistive and the main winding is inductive. The start winding is at a different angle from the main winding which causes the motor to start. Once up to speed the winding is no longer needed as at 80% of maxim speed the centrifugal switch opens and the main winding continues to let the motor to run which then cuts of the auxiliary cable. Advantages of the split-phase motor are that it is cheap, reliable and basic which results in less chance of failure. Although there are disadvantages to it like it has poor starting torque. There are many applications this type of motor can be used within one being a bench grinder.              Capacitor Start   ADD IMAGE The Capacitor start motor has two windings one being the main ‘run’ and auxiliary ‘start’. The auxiliary winding has a capacitor connected in series with it therefore as the capacitor is there it will result in the start winding being 90 degrees out of phase from main winding. This will then allow the motor to begin rotating. Then at 80% of maxim synchronous speed the start winding disconnects because of the centrifugal switch is operating which allows motor to continue running. There are a few advantages to using a capacitor start motor one being its high starting torque which is better than the torque on split phase but the motor has its disadvantages too for example the overall cost is more expensive than split phase. One of the several applications the capacitor start motor can be used in is a conveyor belt.         Capacitor Start – Capacitor Run   ADD IMAGE The capacitor start – capacitor run motor again has two windings one being the main ‘run’ and auxiliary ‘start’. Like the capacitor start the axillary winding has a capacitor connected in series with it therefore as the capacitor is there it will result in the start winding being 90 degrees out of phase from main winding. This then allows the motor to begin rotating. The motor also has a run capacitor that is in series along with the main winding which stays activated after the centrifugal switch has ran at 80% of the synchronized speed. There are many advantages to the capacitor start – capacitor run motor like it is the most efficient of single phase motors and it produces higher value of torque than the capacitor start motor but it has its disadvantages as well as it has more parts to the motor which gives more options for issues to occur and it is more expensive. An application this motor could be used in is an air compressor.         Shaded Pole   ADD IMAGE    The shaded pole motor has only one winding. The way the motor is started is by the shaded pole which is a small, thick single loop of copper this shades a portion of each pole and causes a magnetic field within the shadow area to lag behind the field in the unshaded area. This slight phase difference has the sufficient torque to start the motor. Advantages of the shaded pole motor are that their cheap to manufacture and are good for smaller applications, although they have a few disadvantages like the starting torque is quite low as well as the power factor. An application this motor could be used in is an electric toothbrush.     Question 2) ADD IMAGE    B) A synchronous generator provides a given voltage when supplying at maxim load current therefore will always be the exact same for a given power factor. If the load is removed and the speed as well as field currents are not alternated then the voltages across the terminals will rise. The voltage regulation is the change in voltage divided by the full load voltage, this can be given in a percentage of p.u value.   C) ADD IMAGE   D) The principle of operation of a synchronous motor is basically a machine with 2 electrical inputs with stator windings which has a three-phase supply and a rotor that has a DC supply. The three phase currents produce three phase rotating magnetic flux, as well as the rotor which carries DC supply again produces a steady flux. The rotor and stator at a certain point in time can be the same polarity for example north and north or south and south. This causes force on the rotor which then instantly turns into north and south, causing attractive force. As of the inertia of the rotor it is impossible to turn in any direction because of the attractive or repulsive force therefore says in an off position. Hence why it does not self-start. To overcome this problem the rotor is given mechanical input that then allows it to turn in the same direction as the magnetic field which is almost the same as the synchronous speed.            E) Two Applications of a synchronous motor are a conveyor belt and a tape recorder.   F) One advantages of a synchronous motor is that it runs at consist speed and another is that its high efficiency.      One disadvantage is that the maintenance cost is high and another is that there are considerable losses within the motor.