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Raheb 1Charbel RahebMr.Weinkauf English 10H, Period 43 January 2018The Pressure of Society            As human beings, everyone experiences different desires, one of them often being the sense of fitting in. With this desire, many people forget what makes the world so beautiful which is being unique and an individual. In the article “The Sociology of Leopard Man,” Logan Feys disputes that “Living in society, we are under constant pressure to surrender our individuality to the will of the majority, the school, the workplace, the family, etc.” (1). Furthermore, Feys focuses on the importance of being different in society and the pressure it may have on some people. As an illustration, Feys uses Tom Leppard who is a man with tattoos from his head to his toes. Although Tom Leppard is not an ordinary person, he does not seek the attention from society like many other human beings do. Feys believes that most people want to be accepted in society, but he also stresses that it is important to be an individual like Tom Leppard. He says it is far more important to be different than to be part of a group because when people are individuals because they can do what they want and be different, and can break free from the pressure of society. Everyone wants to be able to write their own paths. People do not want to be told what to do, it is a simple human nature. In the 7th grade, I had a classmate named Mike who was an individual. He faced many challenges going through the 7th grade just like many other students Raheb 2did. Before Mike was alone he did what he wanted and did not really care about what other students thought of him. Later in the year, Mike started to feel lonely and he wanted friends but he did not know much effort it would require. Mike had to change his attitude, appearance, and even the way he said words (he had a weird accent). He had to change everything to try to fit in.  His so-called “friends” would soon take him over. Mike was no longer himself, but rather who everyone else forced him to be. Mike did not know how important it was to be an individual until one of my friends stepped in. My friend knew that Mike was not in a good situation. Soon, my friend pulled him out of that bad friend group and they became really close friends. I also became close friends with him. Now being himself, others were attracted to him, and he made friends whenever he wanted to. People should no longer need to feel forced to do what others want them to do. Instead, people should feel free to do and act as they please. On the other hand, one may say that individuality can lead to losing bonds from others and less interaction with people. For example, not socializing with others can lead to a lack of knowledge in terms of how to cooperate with others. In comparison, that is simply speculation. Also, being an individual is a necessity. Part of living life is for one to know how to live on their own. Constantly being in a group does not allow lessons to be learned and therefore depletes the acquisition of wisdom. People enjoy being unique, and being an individual allows just that. Each person has different characteristics that tell give a definition of who the person is. Part of being a human is being different than everyone. If everyone was the same then the world would not change and the world would never improve. Martin Luther King Jr., Cesar Chavez, Mahatma Gandhi were all people who decided not to be a part of the crowd, and as result changed the world forever. These Raheb 3people improved the world for everyone, all because they decided that they did not want to be like everyone else. Still, others will say that it is good to have someone like them in their life. That would be if it were possible. It is simply not possible to meet someone exactly like someone else. Also, independent thinking is always important, even in team activities. Independent thinkers strengthen teams because they are able to understand that contrasting backgrounds and perspectives bring new ideas and solutions to the table.