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reached in different ways? What effects does this happiness can have on a person?ABSTRACTEvery person is in constant searching of happiness. Some people have the idea wrong of what is happiness, so we need to be conscious what really makes us happy, we need to define our goals and to be determined to reach them because there are several ways of reaching happiness, what way are you going to take?They are several studies of how the brain of a happy person works and how are the common attitudes that an unhappy person has. A happy person improves in most of its daily and personal activities, the unhappy person usually is stuck in life, do you still want to be comfort and sooner or later become unhappy, or are you going to start looking for your happiness right now?We have to notice when we have fall into routine because if so, we need to get out of it right away because that’s the first step of being unhappy.MAIN BODYDoes the happiness can be reached in different ways? What effects does this happiness can have on a person?I had never heard about a person who doesn’t want to be happy. For some period in life of each person, happiness can be very subjective because people think different ways to reach their happiness. There are plenty opinions and thoughts about how to reach happiness, but are they true? What opinion or thought should I take? How can I reach my happiness? Dalai Lama (1998) said that: “the real happiness is the price of your acts in earth.” According to testimonies, the real happiness are your loving acts to other people because at the end of the day, the good acts are what we are taking back to bed, and at the end of our lives we are going to be judged for those acts.3HARD BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLEYour acts lead you to happiness, there are different ways of doing good acts, therefore, there are different ways of reaching happiness.Let’s put the cards on the table, there different ways of what a person says is “happiness”. “To have a lot of money”, “To have lots of cars”, “To have lots of girlfriends”, “To travel all the time”, “To have a family”, “To be married”, “To have everything.” These types of thinking are usually in most of the people in our time. But people need to be careful because most of them doesn’t take to the real happiness and can blind people to see it. People are getting wrong the idea of happiness and to understand this we need to establish the different ways to pursue happiness according to Roosh Valizadeth: “Change yourself (. .. ) change the world”.Furthermore, he said that: “to change yourself will help you to get a new job, to move to another city, learn a new hobby, start a sport, or practice new techniques that get you laid more. It involves things in order to aim for an ideal result”. And the second way, he said, to reach happiness is to change the world. This will take you out from your comfort zone, this can help you to be better in your relationships and you can become more committed in your daily activities.Now, let’s see what are the benefits of being happy to motivate you to look for your happiness because let’s be realistic, some people don’t want to be happy, or the idea of happiness is like some unreached thing for them. “(e..) your brain offers rewards to steer you in a pathway to happiness (e..) stimulates the growth of nerve connections, improves cognition by increasing mental productivity, improves your ability to analyze and think, affects your view of surroundings, increases attentiveness, leads to more happy thoughts.” (Reynolds, 2011 )On the other hand, we have the acts ofan unhappy person. Let’s compare those benefits of a happy person with the acts of an unhappy person. “they are in denial (. . e) they blame others (e..) they 4 I BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE stay in their comfort zone ) they use a negative filter they enjoy other people’s misery e) they don’t have many friends ) they have an air of superiority ) they often have unresolved issues (…) unhappy people are eternal pessimists (they give very little back” (Kloppers, 2014) Now we have seen, the different ways of happiness, the benefits of being happy and the disadvantages of being unhappy we need to have in mind that people get often in the routine, and that is a very important factor of a person who is in the edge of being unhappy. That’s why is very important to know how to reach happiness in the daily activities. Usually a person gets in the routine when he starts doing the same things in the same hour in the same place with the same attitude, and afterwards the world starts looking gray. Get out from the routine! Find new hobbies, meet more people, everyday start doing a different thing, keep a mystery attitude of what you are going to learn in the present, a good attitude can make you see the world different and in colors and sooner or later you are going to see that those habits and those attitudes are helping you to reach the happiness that you are looking for.Remember that the real happiness is the price of your acts here in earth, so you need to improve day by day and learn of your everyday mistakes to reach that happiness. Is not bad to look for your own happiness, if you first look for your own happiness, therefore your acts are going to be good and will make a difference in the society.We need to have clear the difference between a temporal happiness and the eternal happiness.Those good acts and those improvements and with a lot of work will take you someday to success (have lots of money, a big house, good cars) and will make you feel happy with yourself, but what’s next? That’s why we need to be focused on what the real happiness is, and the real happiness is how you take advantage of that success to help the others.5HARD BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLETo conclude, there are different ways of reaching happiness and the best way a person can keep itself happy is to be determined and to decide on what way it is going to be happy. The state of being happy or unhappy it depends on the person attitude and the person goals and how the person is committed to do its goals. We have seen the advantages or benefits of a happy person and we have seen the disadvantages of an unhappy person, what many things can be reached by a happy person and how can be stuck the unhappy person. Now it is on you if you want to keep yourself happy and in a constant searching for the real happiness or to be stuck in the routine as the unhappy person does. Decide quickly, the world is waiting for you.BIBLIOGRAPHYLama, D. (1998). The Art of Happiness. United States: Easton Press.Reynolds, S. 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