Reaction affect the analysis of a problem.Reaction affect the analysis of a problem.

Essay on IAD Framework


Institutional analysis and development framework refers to a series of concepts
to assist in the analysis of various action problems that involve social
setups, positions, and rules. Under the rational choice models, the IAD is
devised to elaborate and predict outcomes by formalizing the setups, positions,
and set of rules involved in collective choice problems. Therefore, it can be
observed as a systematic way of gathering policy analysis functions which are
similar to analysis based techniques commonly used in physical and social
sciences and understand how institutions function and modify themselves with
the time.

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Action arena is the core of IAD as it is
composed of an action situation and actors. By action situation
we mean a social space where the actors meet and interact, solve the common
problems, and exchange services and goods. The actors are those who actively
involved in the situation. Action arena, which is based on action situation and
actors, systematically follows the path of decision making and planning in any
institution. Being the direct stakeholders in any institution, the actors play
vital role in analyzing the existing problems in a given situation. The
analysts predict and make strong or weak inferences about the result or outcome
of any problem inherent in an institution by analyzing the elements associated
with action situation and actors involved in it. Next step after this is of evaluation
of expected outcomes. Evaluative criteria are applied upon both outcomes and
processes of achieving outcomes in order to achieve concrete results of
analysis. Action situations are partially dependent on rules of any
institution. Meaning thereby that analysts should consider set rules of
institutions as rules can affect the structure of an action situation which
results into flawed analysis of a given problem in an institution. However,
preferences and set ideals of actors may affect the analysis of a problem.
Human beings are multi-faceted and have personal interests or likings. Invoking
their preferences in the analysis may affect the true spirit of analysis of a
given problem. Therefore, relying solely on actors input in an action situation
may be risky in this scenario. Also, action situation may get affected by the
preferences of actors involved in situation arena.

The concept of Institutional Analysis and
Development framework was presented by Elinor Ostrom, a noble laureate. IAD
framework provides comprehensive method of analyzing policy related problems in
institutions. However, rational analysis of IAD framework indicates that
certain flaws exist in this concept which are based on the preferences of
actors and which ultimately affect the structure of action situation. Still the
significance of IAD framework cannot be negated as it is still valid and
contributing comprehensively in analyzing problem situation in various
institutions by policy analyst.