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Reading Versus Listening to the Story of Echo and Narcissus
Understanding the story of Echo and Narcissus either by listening or reading it differs from person to person. Some people would prefer reading the story themselves to listening it since they claim that listening makes them miss some important content. For example, listening makes people not to be able to view the words physically and hence unable to comprehend the story ( Dinkler, 2017) . In most cases, reading makes an individual to pay much attention to the story than hearing to someone’s voice for a long time that can make one get bored.
Reading the story could significantly make one grasp more information as one will be more serious to get the ideas of the story. For instance, the part where Echo sees Narcissus by chance and desperately falls in love with him excites an in individual to pay much attention in reading the entire story. An individual will be interested in getting to know what happens between the two hence paying more attention not to miss any information from the story ( Knoespel, 2015) . I think listening to the story of Echo and Narcissus is less serious than reading it. In this case, listening makes one not to fully concentrate on everything and on the more important details of the story. One could also miss some details of the story as he or she might fall asleep while listening to someone else reading it.
There are also other instances in which people would prefer listening to the story of Echo and Narcissus to reading it because of tone variation used could make one capture more information from the story. The story is very long and therefore could be difficult in reading it. Long stories like this one of Echo and Narcissus would require one to read very fast and hence understanding the whole information would be a hard thing. Reading could just be passing time to some people since once after reading the story, one could be remembering nothing from the story ( Ziarek, 2015) . Therefore, listening from someone else about this story could be very interesting. Listening is also a strong tool in providing the listener of the story with the two main characters in it. In this case, the listener would be able to capture the characteristics and forming opinions on their actions and what direction each actor takes ( Knoespel, 2015) . Such would be possible since the person telling the story would take the position of each character and hence assuming their body movements. Therefore, the listener would be able to follow the story at ease and also understanding the main details of the story.
However, combining both listening and reading the story of Echo and Narcissus could be the best way for one to understand more details from it. In most cases, the story becomes more interesting if you first read it on your own and then later on, you hear the same story from someone else. Such action could help if you did not get some details from the reader since you can connect with what you know from the story ( Dinkler, 2017) . For instance, if you had read and knew how Narcissus was so loved and yet unloving could help in connecting the entire details of the story. In conclusion, the experience of understanding the story of Echo and Narcissus would be more significant if one reads it and listens from another person reading it. Such would be very helpful as it helps an individual to pay more attention in capturing all details and can be able to memorize what he or she read or heard through listening.

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