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I have taken this topic as I had interest
regarding the environmental issues which is rising day by day. As for other
topics based on environmental issues like deforestation, environmental degradation,
different types of pollution and other environmental hazards, we have learned
about it in the past many years, but for me, the topic ‘OVERFISHING’ was a topic
which I had to learn from scratch and which I had no enough knowledge about it.

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Also in the recent times, overfishing was
a major threat in Korea and the government has also initiated some of the provisions
which strengthen the rules and regulations of overfishing and was focused on
the increase in the depletion of resources in the sea. In the year 2017, Korea
had frequently informing the crowd regarding overfishing in Korea’s Sea by the
Chinese fishing vessel through news channels and social media. Thus increasing
awareness about the dangers that will arise in the markets in Korea and also
dangers to the environment. Thus this gave an idea and motivation to study this
topic and research about the topic.

Also as GATT and WTO being a treaty and
organization which is signed by many other countries including Korea, I was
curious about what they provide the countries with regards to the environmental
issues and conflicts that might arise in the world about the environmental
problems. I also wanted to know what specifically they have in relation to overfishing
as overfishing as a topic is not very volatile and is not pretty much known or
given interest by the population around the world.










The world and the fishermen is having
plenty of worries while they are on the sea. Not only the storms that might
flip off the ship, not the pirates, increasing concern is on the diminishing
amount of fishes caught in the oceans and seas. Many researchers mentioned that
in the middle of the century, in not more than 50 years from the year 2008, the
fishermen will eventually face seas and oceans with no fish available and there
will be no fishes to catch on. But over the past three decades, it has been
seen that there has been a large increase in demand of seafood and trends on
the trade of fish exports have drastically gone up. Tuna and cod is being the
major demand in the markets all over the world. Not only the fish farms, the
shrimp farms are also facing the problem and both of them are going under a
shortfall. (KherUmesh, 2006).

The research states that this kind of
depletion is due to overfishing that is mostly prone due to small fisheries
which cater to almost 80% of the global catch of the fishes. This is because
these fishermen are unregulated and they are very small in scale. This states
that the world’s ocean is getting more overfished than that of the amount we
have thought of. But there can be some solution to this problem, by managing
these small fisheries this ocean’s capacity can be rebuilt fast and quickly. (WalshBryan, 2012).

Not only due to overfishing but also
because of environmental hazards, the climate change and pollution has also
catered to the change in fisheries and reducing the number of fisheries in the
oceans and seas. This gives rise to devastating the reef, mangroves and the
seagrass belts, which in eventually reduce the commercially valuable fish to
hatch and also not making the area fit and suitable for these fishes. (KherUmesh, 2006)

Overfishing is also a major problem as
these fishing techniques followed by the small fishermen are through unsorted
fishing, which means that no matter what kinds of fish, matured or not, are caught
which will further give a drop in the percentage of reproduction. (WalshBryan, 2012). Also some of the
studies state that the Bluefin Tuna caught for commercial purposes have not
reached yet to their reproductive age which ranges almost to 90% of the total
fish caught. Through this practice, the Bluefin Tuna undermines their ability
to reproduce and now the world sees a diminishing population of the Bluefin by
not giving them chances for rebuilding their population. And thus it happens
such that the Bluefin Tuna in Japan is so valuable. (WalshBryan, The Pacific Bluefin Tuna is Going,
Going…, 2013).

The National Fisheries Research &
Development Institute states that overfishing is one of the large phenomenon which
is causing diminish in the fishery resources. But also the occurrence of global
warming is also one of the reason for the diminishing of fishery resources in
these littoral zones. In Korea, the case is different, overfishing is not
mainly done by the citizens of Korea but this is done by the Chinese fishing
boats in the Korean waters to combat the competition in the fishery markets,
which damages the reproductive lifecycle of underwater species. (JangLina, 2016).

Especially in the last year, the volume
of squid fishing has drastically reduced due to overfishing by the Chinese
fisheries. This gave fall in the squid output to almost 10% than that of the
previous year. This was because of China and North Korea signed a pact which
allowed Chinese ships to catch in the North Korea Sea following with some
amount of fees. Experts mentioned that because of movement of squid form North
Korea down to South Korea, South Korea is facing in a decline in the squid
volume. The South Korea’ Ministry of Oceans and Fisheries stated to Beijing
ensuring the Chinese ships to take a step back and not damaging the South Korean
fishing equipment. Also there were and there still are high tension between
China and South Korea when China’s boat initiated illegal fishing in South
Korean sea. (Yonhap News, 2018).



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