Recruitment the most affective measurement will beRecruitment the most affective measurement will be


The measurement of recruitment is fully related with its strategy, which creates its main vision for the further recruitment procedure and the main goals for all kinds of recruitment measures. I think that for TB company the most affective measurement will be evaluation of individual job positions. Measurement outcomes may differ for diverse positions on the basis of the organizational level, occupation, difficulty of the work and so on.

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If TB wants to select correct recruitment sources for different positions, recruitment measures will help them to do so. Also it may benefit company by reducing the cost of recruitment and overall job market development. When there are lots of applications, the details of each will need to be recorded for further review and comparison. HR software platform allows for storage of applications, CVs and contact details for easy analysis and comparison. Depending on company data retention policies, applications can be stored for months or years in anticipation of new roles becoming available in that period.

As an additional benefit, having all necessary details for fast selection of appropriate applicants available as easy consideration cuts future recruitment costs and cuts the time needed to fulfil a skills gap. Speeding a recruitment process in this way will help to avoid decrease of efficiency and organizational morale.


The primer and very important step in evaluating a training program efficiency is to find out your workers’ attitude to it. It is indeed simple, cheap and quick way to measuring helpfulness of chosen train program. If participants felt optimistic about it is a first notification for you that it will be useful. You cannot choose train program based on its price or popularity, as most of the times it turns up bad for company. If it helped someone else, it doesn’t mean it will necessary help you. TB should try to find the most appropriate program based on their internal needs and their workers’ demands.

Next important step in evaluation of the program will be to analyze the output of it on the company workforce. So basically, to find out how much your employees actually learned from the train program made for them, if they really cached the most important things and is it helpful for them.