Referring destination because he/she has seen it


 Referring to the
tourism that grows and rises due to films and TV series there are several terms
that can be used: ‘film tourism’, ‘film-induced tourism’,’ cinematographic
tourism’, ‘movie –induced tourism’. This variety of terms is a result of
different authors referring to the same phenomenon. Riley and van Doren (1998,
in Kezban Anul, 2013, p.4) pioneers in this subject described the phenomenon of
film-induced tourism as follows:Through films, people are sometimes induced to visit
what they have seen on the silver screen. If this gaze is directed in objects
of  features which are extraordinary and thus
distinguish the “site/sight” of the gaze from others, then the properties of a
film location- whether scenic, historical or literally- qualify as icons for tourists
to gaze upon. That is, in the sense that people are seeking sights/sites seen
on the silver screen, they become film- induced tourists.Hudson and Ritchie (2006)
referred to it as film- tourism and they define it as a tourist’s visit to a
destination or attraction after this specific destination being featured on a
TV series or a film. Busby and Klug (2001, in Vagionis and Loumioti, 2011)
called it cinematographic tourism. As stated by the authors cinematographic
tourism occurs when someone visits a destination because he/she has seen it on
a film or on television. Beeton (2005) used the terms film-induced tourism for
this specific phenomenon and defines it as the tourism that follows the success
of o TV series or a film made or set in a particular are/region featured on TV
or in a film.Film-induced tourism
is a thriving industry due to the development of the visual media entertainment
industry and the rise of travelling. According to a study by Tooke and Baker in
the early 1990s in the United Kingdom observed increase up to 93% to a tourism
destination within one year after the filming of the film or TV series. Another
research, this time made by Riley, Baker and van Doren, in the same period
(1990s) an increase in tourists up to 96% noted in a film location even after
five years after the premiere. Film- induced tourism
proves itself right as the results in visitor growth are spectacular. A very
powerful marketing tool with long term effects that can get extended in the case
of TV series due to their longer filming and screening period. Film –induced tourism
been there since the rise of films and television showing pictures that you
have never seen or heard before. This curiosity to visit these places is also
the answer to seasonality since you can visit these locations the whole year.        



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