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Reviewing website design

Part one

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Requirements of websites


User friendly
– It is crucial for a website to be easy to use and easy to understand as this
will decide whether the user will actually use the website or not.
Understanding how to create a user-friendly improve the way in which visitors
of your website are able to understand the website and use it in terms of
layout, design and content.


Consistent –
Consistency is keeping things the same, a key principle of website design.
Consistency applies different things to a website design e.g. consistency in
the colours you use and font typography you use. If you use an inconsistent
approach in your website design, then this can ultimately frustrate users.
Consistency is crucial in making an intuitive and user-friendly website.


– It is very important in making a website that it is easy to navigate in order
to find information that your users require. Think of a website’s navigation
like a roadmap to all different areas and information contained within the
website. A consistent navigation system will help your users to find the
information they require more quickly. It is also important not to add in
unnecessary levels of navigation.


Customisable –
New technologies have made it possible to customise website interfaces for
website users. The benefit of this is that you can attract new users and keep
existing users more engaged with your website. For example, consider the way in
which some websites allow you to set your location on them. One advantage of
doing this is that you can get regular news headlines about your specific area
or receive local weather reports.


Responsive –
Responsive websites are those that are optimised to automatically adapt to the
layout of the web browser you are using, whether on a PC or mobile device,
without the need to resize or scroll excessively.


Bandwidth utilisation – With many on sensitive data mobile contracts, designers must recognise
how their content will be sued and how many will view the viability of the
service that they offer.

of web design


Usability – This is the use of a
website, that is, how user friendly it is. For example, an important part
of website usability is making sure that website content is flexible and
works on all browsers and devices
White space/spacing – This is the space on a website
that is blank/white. This can be useful for websites that add a lot of
text to their pages as this creates contrast with black text. Therefore,
it is crucial to use white spacing on your website.

Site layout – This means giving consideration
to where elements go on a web page and how content will be spread across a
website. For example, where the header, navigation links, text and
graphics will appear on the page. The layout used for one web page should
be used across all the pages on a website, where similar content is being
included, for example, headers should be positioned in the same way on all
pages. A good site layout is one that is uncomplicated, has clear
navigation and is intuitive and user friendly.
Accessibility – Website developers must ensure
that websites are correctly designed and developed to enable all users to
have equal access to information. Otherwise prevent a person with
disabilities from using a website. The BBC is an example of a website that
provides excellent website accessibility. It includes features that advise
users on how to customise their computer set up and remove barriers to use
the website.
Navigation – It is important that users can
navigate their way easily around a website, the navigation must be
intuitive and simple to use. Good navigation on websites involves making
it obvious where website links are and being consistent across the whole
website. There should be an intuitive structure of pages.
Typography – The type of font used on
websites is important. Websites need to have clear and legible text in
order to be user friendly and accessible. There are two main types of font
families; serif and sans serif. Most websites utilise a sans serif front
such as Arial because they have no embellishments to their letters, making
them clearer and easier to read.
Alignment – Alignment is how elements are
positioned on a web page and how they interact with each other. For
example, if you place an image on a web page which is aligned to the left
and the supporting text was aligned to the right of the page, this would
suggest to users that there is no relationship between the two elements.
Whereas, if they were both aligned left, there would appear to be a
connection between the two elements.
Clarity – Clarity, being clear, is key to
good website design. It is pointless choosing a visually appealing design
if users cannot understand it because it is not clear. Therefore, any
website you develop must communicate with what you want it to say clearly,
but also have clarity of design and layout.
Consistency – Consistency means keeping
elements within your website the same throughout. This is considered one
of the most important principles in website design. Website consistency
involves using the same page layout, the same font and the same design and
colour scheme, throughout. An inconsistent website is unintuitive and
difficult to navigate.
Accuracy – Everything included in the
website needs to be accurate; that is, it should be correct and
meaningful. To keep information provided on websites is checked for
factual errors as well as spelling a grammatical mistake.
Content – The content of the website
includes the text, graphics (diagrams, artworks and photos) as well as
media and objects. Content must be accurate, consistent in style (where
Media and objects – Some websites include
interactive content such as videos, backgrounds and sounds, Flash images
and applets. Media elements are used to captivate and grab the attention of
website users. The use of media must be appropriate as it’s overuse can
slow down a website, clutter the appearance of web pages and put off some
Simplicity – Websites which are simplistic
in their design are often the most visited. They manage to combine the
content they need to get across with a clear and simple easy to use design
that attracts users back because they know they will get what they need
from it without hassle. It is important when developing a website that you
do not overcomplicate the design by introducing too many elements on the



URL/Website address –

Date Accessed – 17/11/2017

Audience – The
audience for this website are people male and female, all over the world,
receiving a slightly higher income and aged 12+ who are interested in buying
exclusive clothing for a high price.

Purpose –
This is an ecommerce website with the purpose of selling exclusive items that
are hard to find for a higher price than retail. The website gives people a
wide range of limited items from different brands and offers them at a higher
price than what they were sold at when they were released.

the website follows the 13 principles of website design?


Usability – Stadium
Goods follows the principle of usability as the Stadium goods website is
flexible as it works on multiple devices making it user friendly.

Whitespace/spacing – Stadium goods uses white spacing in their background which is very good
as it makes the text on their website stand out due to contrast. This makes it
easier for their users to read/see the content that they have on their website.
The white spacing on the website is consistent throughout the website.





Site Layout –
The website’s layout is good as anyone who visits the website will find it easy
to find their way around the website. At the very top of the website is the
stadium goods logo with a menu bar which contains hyperlinks to each section of
the website. There is also a search bar at the top too. Underneath this, there
is a slideshow showcasing the new items that they have and also some of the
shoes that they just got. If you click on one of the items that they have, it
will take you to a page showing more information on the shoe and also the
different options of payment that they allow you to use.














Accessibility – This website has amazing accessibility as
anyone from any country can use this website. This is due to the fact that they
give you the ability to change the information on this website to make sure
that it is fully functional in other countries. At the top left corner of the
page, they have a flag symbol in order for people to change the currency and
the information on the page to match the countries that others may be using the
website from. The country is automatically set in order to match the country
that other users may be in and so you wouldn’t have to change it yourself.




Navigation –
Navigation around the website is quite easy as they have a long menu bar at the
top of every page in so you that you can go into any section of the page that
you want to. They also have a search bar that you can use to find any item on
the website that you may be looking for. The website also has obvious website
links that are consistent throughout the website.





















Typography – This website uses the Helvetica font at size 11
This is good as the font is quite simple and easy for people to read. The font
colour however is grey making it a little bit hard to see. The white spacing on
this website makes the text stand out due to a slight contrast.












Alignment – The
alignment on this page is mostly none related as at the top of the page there
is a slideshow that showcases the different products that are being sold which
has no other elements related to it, however, underneath this are different
images of the different products that they are selling. These images have text
underneath them which are related as they are in the same hyperlink.


Clarity – The
website is clear as everything on the web page is organised into different
sections. For example, the top part of the website is for new items and then
underneath this are an overview of the items that they are selling on the
website. This is good to the users as they know what part of the website to go
to in order to find what they are looking for. This is beneficial in drawing in
the interests of more users.










Consistency – This
website is very consistent. As each web page sticks to the same layout. This is
good as any user who visit the website won’t have to get used to multiple page


















Accuracy – The
information on Stadium Goods Is very accurate as the website is monitored and
is kept up to date. This is beneficial as any users of the website will always
be kept up to date with information on the website.













Content – The
content on this website consists of images, slideshows/animations, hyperlinks
and text. There are also social media links in the form of text at the bottom.
The images on this website are consistent as they all have a white background
and only show the product that is being sold.

Media and Objects – This website does not follow the media and objects principle of the 13
principles as there are no videos on the website. Due to this, the website is
faster than websites that may contain videos and other flash animations.


Simplicity –
Stadium Goods’ design is quite complex with different shades and elements to
the page.

Goods meets its purpose and intended audience through the organization of their
website and their variety of products that they sell on their website.


Website 2:




accessed – 4/12/17

– Nike’s audience are people located in countries that are involved in sports,
any gender, from any age, are interested in sports and receive a just about
average income level.

– Nike’s website is an ecommerce website that focuses on selling sport related
clothing to people who are interested in that type of clothing


Usability – 
Nike’s website is a user-friendly website as it works on different
devices and is also not so hard to navigate around. This is good as it means
that people may feel welcomed as they access the website. This also draws in
more users as some users may be using an alternate device instead of a computer
and so the user-friendly feature that this website gives allows them to be able
to access the website.


White spacing – Nike uses white spacing whenever
there is crucial text that they want their users to be able to read. However,
there are a lot of images on the website that cover up a lot of the white
spacing that is on the website. The white spacing on the website however,
creates contrast as they use black text. This makes it easier for people to
read the text that is on the website.

Site layout – The layout of Nike’s website is
quite complex as the website has different sections to it and these sections
keep changing every time that something new comes out in the organization. At
the top of the page, there is a menu bar with a search bar to the far right of
it, there is also, at the very top corner, a flag in which you can change the
region of the website in order to give their users the correct information.

Accessibility – This website, like stadium Goods
had good accessibility as the site can be changed in order to give the correct
information to anyone living in different countries. However, this website
doesn’t support anyone who has a disability.

Navigation – This website is easy to navigate around
as there is a menu bar at the top showing the different sections of the website
for Men, Women, Boy, Girls, Customise and Gifts. Next to this is a search bar
for anyone looking for a specific product that they want to purchase from the

Typography – This website, similar to stadium
Goods, also uses Helvetica Font, however, the size of the font is 9 and
is in most places, black. This is good as with any of the white spacing that
the website has, there will be contrast with the text making it easier for
people to read.

Alignment – Most of the elements on this website
like pictures and text are related to each other. It is also clear that they
are related to one another as most of the text that are next to the images are
text that describes the content in the picture. This makes the relationships on
the website easy to see.








Clarity – The website is clear, but no as
clear as Stadium Goods as everything on this website is mostly images and
buttons. This can be confusing for people as these buttons have the same titles
as the ones on the menu bar. This will cause people to think that if they click
on one of the buttons that are next to an image then it will take them to the
section that it says.

Consistency – There is not much consistency in
terms of the site layout of the website, however, the colour scheme and the
typography still stays consistent when you move onto the different pages on the
website. This is good as any user who navigates through the website won’t have
to get used to a new colour scheme, however, they would have to get used to a
new site layout.

Accuracy – The information on this website,
like Stadium Goods Is always up to date as the site is updated regularly and
the information that is on the website, is changed in order to match to the new
content on the website.

Content – The content on this page consists of
images, text, hyperlinks and animation. There are not too many animations on
this website, however, there are a lot of pictures and so the website takes a
little while to load different pages on the website.

Media and Objects – This website does not consist of any
videos which makes it run a little bit faster.


Simplicity – This website doesn’t have too much
detail and is quite simple of terms of their layout, however, the different
buttons that the website has on each webpage and the different hyperlinks does
make the website quite complex. However, overall, I think this website is quite

Nike’s website meets its purpose through their easy to navigate and user
friendly as the website follows most of the 13 principles allowing It to draw
in the interests of different users.




Part 2


Use of
media and objects in websites


The use of
media and objects on a website can draw in the interests of different users and
also make your website look more eye appealing. However, the use of media and
objects on a website can make a website slower as with media and objects comes
a lot of coding in order to make sure that these elements are fully functional
and are user friendly.


Use of
the Golden Ratio


The Golden
ratio is the sizes of the different sections of a webpage. The value for the
golden ratio is 1.61803398875


Search Engine optimisation


Indexing (Meta-tags) – Search engines use the entered search
entered search term/phrase to find websites in its database which includes that
term/phrase, rather than searching the whole internet each time. Search engines
use spiders to crawl the internet searching for new websites to add to their

Keywords – A keyword is a word or phrase that
can be put into a search engine so that it will return matching and relevant


Factors affecting website


Scripting – Scripts allow for things like
animations and videos to run it also allows the website to function. With a lot
of scripts on a website, a user’s computer will have to process a lot of
information thus altering website performance.

Browser compliance –