Royal an “air lubrication system”. They haveRoyal an “air lubrication system”. They have

Royal Caribbean (RCL) believes to have customer oriented strategies. These customer oriented strategies helps in various decision making for the overall organization. This can includes strategies like market segment oriented strategies, division of market into homogeneous subgroups. These help in identifying target groups, their needs and wants and thus they help to customize in various operational and marketing activities. The various factors involved are socio-demographic, behavior, geographic and geographical criteria, etc. Royal Caribbean (RCL) believes to deliver the maximum in every aspects to its customers.


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Royal Caribbean (RCL) knows the importance of environmental safety and thus believes in giving back to nature as well as safeguarding society. The company uses various technology to protect environment as whole. Royal Caribbean ultimate goal is of leaving zero-carbon footprint though it seems very difficult for a 200,000-ton cruise ship to carry 5,000 guests across the ocean without leaving any carbon emissions. But Royal Caribbean (RCL) have made this possible by implementing various modern technologies company’s new highly efficient fuel cell, and the cruise line has a new an “air lubrication system”. They have also developed a system known as Star Trek-looking digital boards that allows the company to monitor the status of their running engines every six second anywhere around the globe. RCL will be trying to implement these technologies to its fleet in stages. They are hoping to implement all these environmental friendly strategy in it 50% of the fleet by 2019, with installations across all ships will be completed by end of 2019.


Political and Legal issues faced by Royal Caribbean (RCL)

The cruise industry as a whole faces many risks all around the world caused by uncertainty over trade, economic and foreign policies. There is no way of forecasting future but there are few concerns that can be identified like the new US security policies affecting immigration and other issues related to Mexico and Muslim countries.

The issues that would affect Royal Caribbean directly are related to currency rates exchange, and increased delay at ports affecting its efficiency. Change in rules related to Visa requirements will have impact on European itineraries, For instance Southampton serves as important port connecting European countries and other continents. Government regulations also affects Royal Caribbean business especially related to create alternative itineraries in case of Muslim tourism getting diverted to North America. Other issues faced by the company are related to Labor laws, minimum wage rate policies, and employee welfare practices.