Sales Down jacket ,parka, or a vest.Sales Down jacket ,parka, or a vest.

Sales and marketing objectives:


Look anywhere during the winter, chances are you can find
someone wearing a Canada Goose Down jacket ,parka, or a vest. Canada Goose has
been so successful at marketing its winter wear that they’re one of the seasons
most favorite brand.

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Sales and Marketing objectives are one of the building
blocks of our strategic plan.


Financial Growth: To exceed $10 million in South Korea in
the first 2 years, to increase the revenue by 10% annually. To be financially
efficient and to increase the net profit by 10% annually.

Maintain appropriate financial Leverage: Many companies use
debt- another word for financial leverage- as a key financial tool. Our goal is
to stay within an optimal amount of debt.


Customer Objectives:


Broad product offering: The objective would work  since we are offering customers the best
quality of winter outerwear in its class, regardless of its price.


Customer Retention: Keeping existing customers happily come
back is one of our primary goal and it is as important as gaining new
customers. Our customer retention rates will be calculates annually using
advanced point-of-sale systems that use customers’ telephone number and email
to track customer purchase behavior.


Reliability: Since Canada Goose takes pride in the
reliability of its products, it also means that our target market should have
customers that value this reliability-maybe right for you.


Understanding customer needs: This objective reflects the
most important aspect which is customer intimacy. The customers should feel
that we understand their needs and carve our products in a way that match their


Differentiate the product: Offer the kind of products that
stand out.